Quiz time! Which “Girls” character are you most like?

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It’s the show that spoke to a new generation of real life women, and- even better- it’s soon to be back. Yes, season 4 of Girls launches on HBO on Sunday and we can hardly contain our excitement. To celebrate, we’ve made a fun quiz to discover which character you’re most like, warts and all…


 Which Girls character are you most like?


1- How would you best describe your career?

a) Career schareer- I’m here to experience life

b) I’m still studying- I’ll deal with that when it happens

c) Currently? Temping and interning to save for what I ACTUALLY want to do

d) Exactly as I planned it would be when I was 10- all about focussing on my goals and achieving them


2- Your ideal date would involve…

a) I don’t date. End of.

b) A homemade picnic in Central Park

c) Carb heavy dinner at a local Italian, then home for…

d) Champagne cocktails at a glam new bar


3- Describe yourself in three words.

a) Joie de Vivre

b) Still a virgin

c) Witty but overweight

d) Sensible, driven, particular


4- What’s your fashion style?

a) I love vintage clothes, boho styles and one-offs

b) Bows, pastels and Peter Pan collars are my go-to

c) Printed dresses and pumps are my wardrobe staples

d) Shift dresses and killer heels, always


5- What do you look for in a friend?

a) An adventurous , fun loving type

b) Honesty

c) Someone who will never upset me

d) Someone to cry with when things go wrong in my love life


6- Who’s your idol?

a) Princess Diana

b) Selena Gomez

c) Agatha Christie

d) My University lecturer


7- If a friend is having a crisis you…

a) Show up the next day

b) Bring along a cuddly toy

c) Make the necessary arrangements but don’t offer any emotional support

d) Freak out! Then point out how much it affects me and my life


8- What do you look for in your ideal man?

a) Fun!

b) Someone who’s in a stable job

c) An intellectual who’s adventurous and willing to try something new…

d) A man who respects you and can quote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by heart


9- On a free day, what do you do?

a) Buy a last-minute plane ticket to an exotic destination

b) Start an essay, give up half way through, go and see my boyfriend

c) Bake cupcakes

d) Alphabetise your record collection


10- Someone insults you at a party – how do you react?

a) Throw a drink in their face

b) Cry

c) Come right back at them with a barrage of abuse

d) Agree with them




Mostly a- Jessa

jessa g

Always the thrill-seeker, your wanderlust and love of life are just like that of Jessa. You can be counted on to have a good time with, but deep down you’re seeking a little stability- every party girl has to hang up her disco shoes at some stage.


Mostly b- Shoshanna

sho g

With your bubbly, off beat personality, you’re as loveable as show favourite Shoshanna. Living for celebrity gossip and self improvement, you’re often seen as the baby of the bunch- yet are well known to drop a pearl of wisdom or two.


Mostly c- Hannah

hannah g

Well congratulations to you, you’re a self confessed voice of a generation! Just like leading lady Hannah you’re naturally creative and talented, yet can’t quite manage to get it together at times. But just remember- everybody loves a trier…


Mostly d- Marnie

marnie g

Mostly d- following the lead of ever reliable, responsible Marnie, you’re a true professional who’s known for years how your life will pan out. Until some unexpected events occur… but don’t stress it, the experience you gain along the way will surely prove invaluable- and prove that no-one’s perfect, not even you.


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