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“The ramblings and adventures of a girl called Olivia”: so reads the description of What Olivia Did, an outpouring for the loves and life of author and namesake Olivia Purvis. We chat to the lady herself about style influences, blogging tips and how it is to work with your other half…

What Olivia Did

What Olivia Did has won many reputable accolades over the last couple of years; did you ever imagine when you started out that it would become what it is today?

Ah that’s too kind! Certainly not, I still find it surreal to this day that people still read it- it’s such a massive compliment.


With so much to fit into each day, how do you manage to juggle blogging with a successful work and social life? Extra hours in the day…?

I wish! Each day is totally different, whether it’s spent travelling, in meetings around London or shooting for posts. If I’m working from home a lot is spent replying to emails, photographing lifestyle content and uploading posts- it’s always pretty busy!


You say you wish you were born in the 1960s. What is it about that era that you love? Any particular style influences from the time?

I love the style and music! Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the 21st century (a LOT has changed for the better since the ’60s) but I completely adore the style and music from the time- and can’t get enough of people like Jane Birkin. Oh to carry a straw basket every day with a gold mini dress on!


What Olivia Did has won some amazing accolades and has been featured by the likes of Company, Cosmo and Grazia. What advice would you give to other bloggers about getting their blog recognised?

Just to keep at it! I think people become so disheartened when things don’t take off almost instantly, but if you keep at it, network and keep generating original and fun content than people will eventually clock on- just don’t give up.


You also say you enjoy interviewing interesting people; who has been the most interesting person you’ve interviewed?

I don’t think I could possibly narrow it down! Everyone I’ve interviewed is interesting in their own way, be it in music, food or presenting and I couldn’t select one alone.


What advice would you give to bloggers about growing their reader base?

Network! Try and get to know other bloggers, take time to comment and keep tweeting and putting yourself out there!


Your other half Joseph often takes the photographs on your blog; how do you find working together?

Easy as pie! He’s incredibly laid back and patient, and I couldn’t ask for someone who ‘gets blogging’ more. He’s also got a pretty creative head on him, so he’s very much on my page when I suggest an idea.


What does the future look like for What Olivia Did?

Who knows! Watch this space!


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

To not give up and follow you heart- cheesy, but true!


What does a typical day look like for you?

I don’t think I have a typical day- it could be spent working from my bed, and photographing a freshly baked dish, or it could be running around the city to meetings, or even hopping on a train to somewhere new!


Finally, we’ve all had them…what’s your biggest fashion disaster?

Probably parachute trousers from Tammy- my mum said I’d never wear them, and I never did- whoopsie!


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