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Aspiring blogger? You just rocked up in the right place! Our Blogger of the Week, Hayley Russell from Water Painted Dreams gives you some insider tips on everything from scheduling to twitter chats…heck she’s covered everything! This Scottish based beauty and lifestyle blogger knows her way around a post or two, so listen up and welcome to the blogger masterclass…

Water Painted Dreams

Hello all you wonderful Mallzee fans. I’m so happy to have been chosen as Mallzee’s blogger of the week. They’ve asked me to do a blog post with some blogging tips and I am more than happy to oblige. Obviously your blog is your own blog and you should have it exactly as you like it but here are some things that I’ve found really helped out my blog.

1. Schedule your posts. I am a very, very busy person. To fit my blog in with school, work etc I find it a lot easier to schedule posts. This is really easy to do on blogger and for me I feel a lot better starting the week knowing I have a few blog posts sitting ready to go up.

water painted dreams

2. Have some sort of post that you do every week. I often do “Things That Make Me Happy” posts on Thursdays and I get a lot of compliments from people saying that they look forward to the posts. I personally enjoy Morag’s Linkables series and Lisette’s Thankful Thurday series. Or maybe a weekly wishlist or something. Posts like this make people remember a blog.

water painted dreams

3. Get yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to tweet your links on Twitter. Use hashtag’s like “#bbloggers, #lbloggers, #fbloggers, #scottishbloggers” to help people find these links. There are also a ton of chats you can participate in to find new blogs to follow and you might gain a few readers too.

4. Read and comment on other blogs. Give out what you want back.

5. Write like you speak. I much prefer blogs where a personality shines through and that often comes from blogs that have a nice chatty, informal feel to them. I want to know about you as well as the products you’re reviewing or outfit you’re sharing etc.

So there we have it. Some tips for your blog. I hope you found these helpful. If you would like to see some more from me then please have a wee look at my blog! Thank you again to the Mallzee team for having me!

No problem Hayley, we have definitely taken note! Make sure you stay ahead of the fash-pack with new season trends and start building your weekly wishlist now… No time like the present. Let the shopping commence!


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