The importance of being basic(s)

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“New season, new wardrobe” may be the mantra for the more privileged of fashion lovers but for the realists amongst us such a feat is often little more than a pipe dream. As the latest batch of designer inspired looks drop throughout high streets across the land we cherry pick our favourite pieces to mix in with long standing wardrobe basics. But are we missing a trick? “Normcore”, the fashion trend born of a desire for comfort and conformity, was the first occurrence to herald the way for a simpler style of dressing. Throw a mild obsession with pared back, Scandanavian style into the mix and the importance of basics becomes all the more clear. As ever more fashion insiders embrace same-ness as their defining feature, this particular style of “self aware, stylised blandness” shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. This season, stand out by fitting in with simple basics in muted tones. Welcome to AW14, where normal is the new cool…


Getting back to basics

blonde-chair wardrobe basics

Christine: Coat- Maxmara  |  Knit- Warehouse  | Denim- Miss Selfridge  |  Shoes- Reiss



Kyle: Knit- Reiss  |  T-shirt- Reiss  |  Denim- Blue Inc.  |  Socks- ASOS  |  Shoes- Sarenza



Anwen: Knit- Reiss  |  Denim- Karen Millen  |  Shoes- Boohoo

Kyle: Knit- Reiss  |  T-shirt- Reiss  |  Denim- House of Fraser  |  Shoes- Sarenza



 Christine: Coat- Reiss  |  Denim- Miss Selfridge  |  Shoes- Reiss


guy-bluejacket wardrobe basics

Kyle: Jacket- House of Fraser  |  Knit- Blue Inc.  |  T-shirt- Reiss  |  Denim- Boohoo  |  Shoes- Sarenza



Kyle: Knit- New Look  |  T-shirt- Reiss  |  Denim- House of Fraser  |  Shoes- Sarenza

Anwen: T-shirt- Warehouse  |  Denim- Warehouse  |  Shoes- Reiss



Anwen: Coat- New Look  |  Vest- Karen Millen  |  Vest- Miss Selfridge  |  Denim- Miss Selfridge  |  Shoes- Boohoo



Christine: T-shirt- Miss Selfridge  |  Trousers- Reiss  |  Shoes- Boohoo



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