Top Ten Fashion Moments of 2013

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Wowser; it’s been quite the year for extravagant, outrageous and often questionable dressing. From twerking tantrums to baby bumps and babes in balaclavas, 2013 was undoubtedly the year for fashion forays of all forms. Join us as we ring in the New Year with a look back over the Top Ten Fashion Moments of 2013…

Anne goes from perfectly prim to platinum, cropped and sheer- boom

anne hathaway met ball fashion

First up we have Anne Hathaway in all her beauty at the Met Institute Costume Ball. She rocks the PUNK: Chaos to Couture theme to perfection with her short bleached hair and Valentino dress.

Victoria’s Secret bring out the Angel in all of us

adrainna lima victoria's secret fashion show

This year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show went off with a flourish of lace, sass and, of course, underwear. It was so fabulous it was a tricky one to decide what outfit was a winner but Adriana Lima’s rouge feather and brassiere combo is too good not to share.

Cara the Cat Burglar


London Fashion Week brought us as many outfits, designers and models to drool over as ever. True to wacky form, Cara Delevingne decided to show up to Britain’s biggest fashion event sporting a balaclava and claiming it was ‘fashion anarchy.’ Pull the other one, love.

The Kardashians brought us “Kouture”


Some people’s dream wardrobe. Some people’s worst nightmare. Enough said.

Luscious Lawrence


She might have tripped and fallen on the way to collect her Oscar but at least she did it in style. 2013 was the year that cemented J-Law as one of our all time faves, be it for spilling mints at an interview or having banter with co-star Josh Hutcherson; she clearly got the beauty and the comedy genes!

Halloween hipster


Mere mortals don’t realise how lucky they have it; come Halloween, there’s always a celeb-inspired look to satisfy their costume needs. But what of the real life fame monsters? Why, Disney, of course! No-one does Cruella better than Iggy…

She’s just being Miley…


Twerking up a storm. Yup. It really happened.

Kate kicks off a polka dot frenzy


Doing new baby mumma’s the world of good with her gorgeous mum-tum on full show. Couldn’t have looked better.

Farewell fashions

Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton

Black was most definitely back as Marc Jacobs bid farewell to Louis Vuitton. Sniff.

Peek-a-boo party

Gwyneth 2013

Erin Wasson 2013

Baby Got Back with everyone from squeaky clean Gwynnie to the Queen of Cool Erin rocking more than just a flash of flesh…

Now bring on 2014, let’s see what you have in store for us. We can’t wait to see the fashion gems that are coming our way and what could be better than getting our 2014 outfits straight from our easy to use app Mallzee. Happy shopping!



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