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Well well well- here we are. A mere month after announcing our search for Mallzee’s Top Scottish Blogger, the entries are in and the decision mill is running at full steam. We’ve received hordes of awesome posts but, alas, there can only be one winner. We’ve narrowed the field down to our top five; check out a snippet of their work below and see why we think they’re some of the country’s hottest blogging talent…

Lianne- Ruby Ruby Slippers: My quest to find a dress

I have been searching for a dress for a ball I’m going to in the couple of weeks time – a sort of ‘dress quest’. I have a tonne of dresses in the cupboard but was looking for something new – always the story! I don’t have any colour in mind or style but wanted the app to guide me and show me what was available from my favourite shops. So here we go, I’ll show you what Mallzee found me! #MallzeeFoundMe

Top Scottish Blogger Lianne


Laura- A Scottish Lass: Quirkier shopping made social

This self explanatory app makes shopping so easy – filter your results to suit your particular style, including your favourite items, colours and brands – voila!  Mallzee brings the shops to you.  Pour a glass of vino/stick the kettle on and get opinions from your girlfriends directly from the comfort of your sofa.  Especially good if you live in a house full of boys!!

Top Scottish Blogger Laura

Alison- Alley Hope: Tech- Mallzee app

Us Edinburghers are a wily bunch, aren’t we? First we brainwash all the menfolk with Grand Theft Auto, then we distract the ladies from their abandonment with a brand new shopping app. I joke, I joke! Of course women love GTA as much as guys and luckily, Mallzee caters for both sexes.

Exhibit A – Me and the Other Half:
Me: Hey, do you want to come shopping with me this weekend?
OH: What… Hang on …*pauses game*… oh. No. Nah not at all.
Me: OK. *installs Mallzee on OH’s iPhone* What do you think of this dress?
OH: *Glances at phone* Oh yeah that’s nice.
Me: What about this one?
OH: Err, I like the other one better.

Hallelujah, an actual opinion expressed!

Top Scottish Blogger Alison

Jayde- I am Jayde: Mallzee’s Top Scottish Blogger

I’m a total train-wreck when it comes to fashion. I literally look like I’ve opened my wardrobe and thrown on the first few items I could find most of the time. This app lets me scroll through current fashion and has given me so many good outfit ideas (I almost look like I know what I’m doing these days…almost). And the best thing? It’s not just for ladies!

Top Scottish Blogger Jayde

Jenny- Krystel Couture

I study Fashion Design so I find Mallzee very useful when it comes to searching for inspiration especially for my portfolio, as I like to find out the latest styles and trends to include in my work so the app does come in very useful for finding quick pieces that relate to my personal style where I can easily screen shot the clothes I like on my iphone to then upload to the PC later.

Top Scottish Blogger Jenny


Ooft- some tough competition! As you can imagine, it’s taking us quite some time to decide on the ultimate winner; with so many strong entries, we’ve been given a tough challenge. Stay tuned to Mallzee next week when we will announce the champion; for now, let’s go shopping…




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