Team Mallzee’s Top Halloween movies of all time

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Three days to go people! And with the weather careering from gale force winds to pelting rain, we’re quickly starting to consider the very real possibility of giving up our trick or treating hats to stay in the warm with a truly terrifying flick. But which to choose? Do you opt for an all out classic gore fest of off coloured blood, rubber guts and questionably “broken” bones? Or plump for the slick, modern horror genre? To help you choose, Team Mallzee have rounded up their top Halloween movies, from the undeniable classics to a couple more off the wall choices…

Carla’s killer classic

halloween movie scream


My favourite scary movie? Most definitely Scream- we used to watch this all the time at our family home in Italy. It has lots of balconies and I was forever forcing my Dad to check them…

The iconic 1996 American slasher movie directed by Wes Craven will always be held as the movie which revitalised the horror genre with it’s satirical take on the cliches of such films as Friday the 13th and Halloween. A stellar cast and perfect combination of violence, comedy and mystery make this an enduring choice.


Alex’s sneaky fright fest

Halloween movies the ring


A friend and I went to watch The Ring in the cinema, but there was only one ticket left. We snuck in anyway and had to sit on the stairs- where we ended up cradling each other in fear.

The Japanese hit was remade by Gore Verbinski in 2002, when it went down a storm with an English speaking audience. Think creepy psychological thriller complete with an actual storyline- and a freakishly scary little girl.


Sophie’s one to watch behind your hands

Insidious horror movie


I went to see Insidious at the cinema with a friend, which ended up being a total waste of money; I’m not too good with horror movies and literally couldn’t watch any of it.

Released in 2010, this American supernatural horror was hailed by many as the most terrifying film of all time. Following firmly in the footsteps of classic flick Poltergeist, it centres around a young boy who falls into a comatose state and becomes a vessel for supernatural spirits. A third instalment of the series is due next year.


Olle’s Shining example of the horror genre

Top Halloween movies the shining horror movie


The Shining is so incredibly well made, and Jack Nicholson is unbelievable in it- definitely the best horror movie.

A true masterpiece of modern horror, it’s hard to beat The Shining for freak factor. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, the film tells the tale of writer Jack Torrance and his family, who spend the Winter in the suitably creepy and isolated Overlook Hotel. Cue a freak snowstorm, two insanely spooky twins and a rapid descent into madness, and you soon have yourself one of the fore works of the horror genre.


Rachel’s fashion freak love-in

Top Halloween movies The Craft


Got to be The Craft- as much for those smokin’ 90s looks as the epic high school haters storyline. Bonnie’s roll necks and OTK socks? I mean, come on…

The ultimate high school horror, 1996 American thriller The Craft centres around three disruptive outcasts and their love affair with witchcraft and sorcery. The ever present new girl forms the final piece of their coven unleashing new levels of power. Brace yourself for bitch fights, karma and bucket loads of sass- all with a decidedly dark undertone.


Jamie’s gore fest

Top Halloween movies- saw horror movie


If I’m pushed, Saw- it’s always good for a giggle!

The first of the now legendary franchise, Saw first took shape as an indecently made horror film in 2004. Two men, one tape player and a whole heap of chains later, the name has now become synonymous with gore, fear and one of cinema’s most twisted games.


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