Top 7 1989 tour moments we’re most excited for

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Calm yourselves, team- Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour is finally here. Ever since the album was released we’ve had it playing on repeat, with each new single a sure fire hit in the making. The newly released video for “Bad Blood” might just be our favourite to date, and we’re hoping it’s a taster of what’s to come on tour. As we ready ourselves for the main event, here are the top tour moments we’re most excited for…


1-A potential Bad Blood girl gang reunion

bad blood girl gang

Will Karlie make an appearance? Maybe Gigi Hadid will pop up in all her black latex-ed glory? Or we could see Queen Cara, Lena Dunham or maybe even Cindy Crawford strut their sass across the stage- #excited.


2- A potential on stage collaboration

Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Nashville - 9/20/2013

With besties and known collaboration lovers including Ed Sheeran, Lorde and Ellie Goulding, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for one killer of a surprise stage guest.


3- The 1989 tour outfits

Taylor Swift 1989 tour wardrobe

We’ve already seen a sneak peak from Tokyo, and let us assure you- they are set to be M-A-J-O-R.


4- Riptide


Vance Joy is providing the support this time around so we’re super excited for Summer anthem “Riptide” to come blasting out across the crowd.


5- The golden oldies

tay never

Whilst we’re (obviously) huge fans of pretty much every track on 1989, we can’t deny that “We are never ever getting back together” is one of the hits we’re most looking forward to. Air microphones at the ready.


6- The love-in


From baking cookies for fans to giving a girl $90 to spend on a birthday meal at Chipotle, Swifty has long been known for going above and beyond to keep her adoring followers happy. Let’s see what she cooks up this time round…


7- The after party

red tour

Hot on the heels of the “T-Party” and “Club Red”, “Loft 89” looks set to be the meet and greet of the year. The Tay-Tay team invites a select group of hardcore fans along every year so we’ll be expecting our invite any minute now.

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