Top 10 men to avoid under the mistletoe

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‘Tis the season to be jolly… or is it? Whilst we’re all over the presents, turkey and parties the Christmas season brings, there’s no denying it has it’s downsides. One of the worst? The dreaded mistletoe lurkers, determined to steal a smooch at any cost. Check out the top 10 men to avoid- at all costs…

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Nose picker

david beckham nose

Major dodging tactics needed for this one. Keep your eyes peeled for vacant toilets or lone friends nearby.



Nothing worse. A subtle hint? Smile and wave, fellas- just smile and wave.

Friend Flirter


The most annoying of all traits. Can we keep the chit-chat to a minimum please?

Gym Selfie-er


You go to the gym, well done. We do not need to see evidence of such all over our newsfeed thanks.

Eyebrow waxer

eyebrow wax

There are no words.

Fake tan fan


We’ll keep our tanning mitts and exfoliator to ourselves, thank you.

The dirty joker


Oh you’re so hilarious. How long do we need to fake laugh for?

The loud eater


No. Just no.

The UGG boot wearer


Some forms of footwear should remain strictly gender specific, and Ugg boots are top of the list. Potato feet are for girls with a hangover, y’hear?

Any male without a beard– not cool

beard before and after

No beard? No chance.




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