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Tiny Twisst

Fashion. YouTube. Dimples. Three iconic associations of fashion blogger Laura Potter of Tiny Twisst. The high street hero has spent many years writing in one capacity or another, building a loyal readership along the way. Ever championing the high street, she’s testament to the style credentials of an affordable wardrobe. We chat to her about blogging, branding and fashion disasters…


Hey Laura! We love Tiny Twisst. Why did you start blogging?

Aw thank you! I started blogging way back when I was a teenager (yes, wayyy back!) so it’s always been a part of my life. I used to blog about general life stuff, however it has become more focused in my recent years, which evolved from my interest in beauty and fashion!


You work full-time as a Marketing Assistant & Graphic Designer; how do you fit blogging- and everything else- into your busy schedule?

Working full time and blogging is definitely time consuming, and something I do struggle with at times. I think the key thing is to remember that blogging is a hobby and something you enjoy, whereas work is somewhat more essential- so it’s important to split your time fairly between the two based on that. I try to blog on my commute home from London, or in my own time at the weekends and this has always seemed to work out okay. As long as I still enjoy it, it’s never a burden for me.


Who is your biggest style influence?

In the blogsphere, I have a big girlcrush on Sammi from Beauty Crush, her style is right up my street.. a little girly but with a rock vibe- she also has the best hair, ever. In the celebrity world, I adore Fearne Cotton, her outfits are always bang on trend and she’s not afraid to wear whatever she likes.. I love that about her style.


You say that after a sudden ‘rebranding’ of your blog, it became what it is today- what do you mean by this? Did you notice a big difference after the rebrand?

I used to post about make-up only, and my blog layout was very old school and out of date. The rebrand was literally a design overhaul (which was probably influenced when I started my Graphic Design degree!). I updated the look and feel of my blog, and widened my writing subjects (including fashion as well as beauty). I noticed a lot more hits and followers, which was really nice to see.


Do you think that working in Graphic Design, and occasionally assisting fashion photographer David Lam, has helped shape Tiny Twisst to what it is today?

Working in Graphic Design definitely gave me a strong understanding of how things look, and how much of a difference it can make to a brand- so in terms of this, it definitely helped. Working with David Lam was also one of the best experiences of my life and definitely helped with my blog photography… again, like design, I understand how important good photos can be… a good backdrop, the correct settings… even down to how I position the tripod!


What advice would you give to bloggers about growing their readership?

Networking is key! I took to Twitter and that was the place most of my readers emerged from. I find that contacting other bloggers and just generally being friendly will always help grow a blog.


What does the future look like for Tiny Twisst?

I’m not too sure really, I wish I knew! I’d love for it to continue to grow, it’s already given me some amazing opportunities and is such a talking point… so even for this to carry on would make me a very happy girl! Of course it will continue to expand and evolve, keeping up with other bloggers is definitely very important.


Tiny Twisst has been featured on the likes of Look magazine; what advice would you give to bloggers who are aiming  to get their blogs covered by magazines?

In order to gain coverage, you have to get yourself known, which again mostly stems form social media. Magazines are all for bloggers so there’s always loads of opportunities if you look in the right places.. I follow all the magazine’s Twitter accounts, as well as some of the editors personal accounts so I can keep up with whats going on- sometimes they’ll even tweet about needing bloggers for something they are working on at the time! Gem Fatale is a good one for this as she went from blogger to features writer for Company Magazine.


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

My Dad has always told me I must be happy in my job, no matter what it is I’m doing. It’s pretty simple, but my parents always give me the best advice. It definitely made me realise that being happy is more important than anything else.


What does a typical day look like for you?

On a typical workday, I get the 7.05am train into London, grab a Pret Mocha, get to the office for 9am, go for a lunchtime walk around Holborn, finish at the office for 5.30pm, train back home at 6pm, 7.20pm I get home and have dinner.. then most likely catch up with blogs, update my own and watch some TV. On weekends all I can think about is a lie in – the rest is usually a fast-paced blur before it’s Monday again!

A blogging day consists of laying out blog outfits, and shooting them all in the same day, which usually takes a few hours. Then I’ll edit them, upload to the internet and prep them for posts. I can then go in on my ipad during the week and schedule them to post.


Finally, we’ve all had them…what is your biggest fashion disaster?

The baby-pink velvet tracksuit.. it was never going to work out.


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