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Hey Kate! We’re big fans of your blog This Is What I Do. tell us about how you got into blogging.

I first started blogging when I bought a chav- tastic knuckle duster ring from River Island years ago. I thought it was so amazing that I wanted to share it with the world so I started up a blogger account and that was my first post.

Do you read many blogs yourself? Who inspires you in the blogging world?

I have a few favorites yes, I find that most blogs all have the same content these days so it’s hard to find a unique one but the ones I love I always go back to. Some favorites are Fashiontoast, Micah Gianneli and Beautycrush – there’s too many to mention but these girls are at the top of the list.

 You have amazing unique style. Do you think it’s important for bloggers to be unique?

Oh wow thank you very much! I think now more than ever, its pretty difficult to get your blog noticed these days so if you can bring something new to the table it’s a massive help.

 How would you describe your personal style?

This is such a hard question, it depends what my mood is that day.  Sometimes it’s simple/smart sometimes a bit whacky, then sometimes I just live in tracksuit bottoms. If I had to describe it in one word, I’d say eclectic.

 Who is your biggest style influence?

Again, another hard one…I get most of my inspiration from other bloggers, people on the street and Tumblr – I spend hours on there.

 If you could shop with anyone, past or present, who would it be?

I’m going to have to say Rihanna, she can do no wrong!

 What’s the best piece of career/blogging advice you’ve ever been given?

Stick at it and be persistent, no one likes a lazy blogger.

 What advice would you give to bloggers about growing their reader-base?

Advertise, advertise, advertise!! At the end of the day it’s all about who you know and who knows you so plaster it all over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Just keep plugging your blog; if you don’t do it no one else will do it for you.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’ll usually wake up, drink copious amounts of tea before heading out to look for clothing for my online shop  Then I’ll head home, drink more tea, edit a video or write a blog post and wait for Eastenders or Corrie to start! What an exciting life I lead…

 What do you think of the new Mallzee app?

I think it’s great, I’m slowly becoming addicted! It has all my favorite brands at the click of a button… loving the social side of it too.

 Finally, we’ve all had ’em…what is your biggest fashion disaster?

There are far too many, I went through some old blog posts last night and some of the stuff I’m wearing is just awful!  I’d have to say shiny gold disco pants, horrible look.  I looked like a piece of tinsel, don’t ever go there!

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