Blogger Showcase: Livvy Newman of Tea Toast Fashion

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Essex girl, self-confessed daydreamer and hopeless romantic Livvy Newman of Tea Toast Fashion takes the lead on all questions fashion blog related  in our latest Blogger Showcase. After some top blogging tips? Do read on…

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Hey Livvy! We think Tea Toast Fashion is a great blog name. Can you explain to our readers why you picked it?

Aww, thank you. Truthfully they are my three favourite things and I thought they sounded nice together! Simple as that really!


You’re a fashion with photography student. How do you fit blogging in with studying and everything else in between?

I like to use blogging as my break from work, which sometimes doesn’t always work out as my organisation skills could be better! However I like to allocate a day in the week just to plan and shoot bits for my blog, which is also a nice break from everything else.


Who is your biggest style influence?

I would have to say its 50/50 between Alexa Chung and my granny. Alexa just has that effortless look that is so chic and simple that I wish I could pull off instead of spending twenty minutes in front of my wardrobe every morning! My granny is one of the most elegant ladies I’ve ever met, never a hair out of place (wish I had inherited that!) and her jewellery collection is second to none.


What advice would you give to bloggers about growing their reader-base?

Growing your reader-base is mainly about patience; it won’t happen overnight but interacting with your readers is one of the best things you can do.


What advice would you give to bloggers about carving out a unique blogging style?

Just be yourself, don’t try to be something you’re not because there is pretty good chance someone else is ready doing that.


What does the future look like for Tea.Toast.Fashion?

I am currently in the process of making TTF into an online magazine for my final major project, but with the slightly shorter name of Tea and Toast! However TTF will be continuing with business as usual so no-one will miss out on my dad jokes and cream knitwear obsession!


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

Work hard for you dreams and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Waking up to some tea and toast (surprise surprise). Attempting to sort out my hair and make up and spending more time than I should staring at my wardrobe! As I’m currently working on my final major project for university my days now consist of working in the library with a large amount of snacks (which are necessary). Once I’ve had a fun filled day in front of InDesign I like to spend time cooking (normally something with too much garlic in!) then catching up with blogs and my serious guilty pleasure…dailymail online, possibly with some Gossip Girl on in the background!


Finally, we’ve all had them…what is your biggest fashion disaster?

When I was about fourteen I thought I would look really cool in lilac cord flares with flowers on, needless to say I really didn’t!


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