The Sales Assistant Sessions- top tips from T.M. Lewin

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Hurrah! It’s that time of the week again, been craving your dose of styling tips from the shops you love?! This week we have sourced out all the insider fashion hits from T.M. Lewin. Thanks to the lovely Jamie, you will be able to style your T.M. Lewin fashion in the way only those in the know can!

TM Lewin styling tips

Name: Jamie Black-Wilkins

Position: Sales Assistant

How would you describe your personal style?!: I would say a modern, business-smart type of look. A kind of casual cool with twists of smart work-wear thrown in.

Who are your style icons?: Probably Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper, they were both looking really suave at the Wimbledon final. They pull off suits really well and can nail the smart-casual look. This look that has been put together is really reminiscent of Gerard Butler’s look at Wimbledon.

 T. M. Lewin Suit


What are your key pieces from this season?: The London shirts are a huge new seller this season as they are formal but fun. Every eight weeks they change up to different themes, so there have been themes such as café continental, which promote cool browns and blues in a European style.

 T. M. Lewin London Shirt


Also another popular theme has been Nautical, which boasts cool blues, which are sailor-ready!

T. M. Lewin London Shirt


T. M. Lewin- not as stuffy as you might think

Many people think T.M Lewin is just for formal-wear, but even though there are regular customers who will come in for their specific shirt or suit, we are still trying to keep the pieces very wearable. The shirts have a cut away factor, which makes them more modern, and the fun checks mean that you can wear the shirts casually with chinos during the weekend, and then smarten them up with a tie for work. For ties, I tend to stay with the John Francomb style, which is slim and modern and I like to keep my ties as simple as possible. We are aiming for a versatile luxury with the ability to dress both formally and smart-casually.

 T. M. Lewin John Francomb Tie

For women’s wear on the weekend we are branching out to more casual wear away from business-style, so, for example you will see a lot of the assistants wearing little Gatsby style dresses and loafers. There has been a large expansion in the womens wear with amazingly competitive prices for the product you are getting. The printed tunic dresses are big sellers, with flattering shapes; it suits all women perfectly.

Finally can you tell us what your best moment in retail has been so far?: My favourite moment has been selling three suits to one customer. We have competitions for who can sell the most, and that was a good day, and I think a record so far!

Amazing style insights courtesy of Jamie – with such great tips, we know you are all going to be rocking the smart-casual and formal trends to perfection! For more insider tips, stay tuned to our blog, and shop through Mallzee for great benefits, personalised style advice and a chance to win Mallzee dollars! Don’t say we’re not good to you!

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