Epic holiday fails to avoid this Summer

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Hey- we’ve all been there… check out the top holiday fails we all fall subject to…


Trusting your frenemy to sunscreen your back

holiday fails 1

Hatchet buried or not, always a dangerous choice…


Falling asleep on a lilo

holiday fails 2

Eerrr- which way to the shore?


Forgetting that your budget airline does not share your understanding of the need for a clothes suitcase, an accessories suitcase AND a hat bag

'Sex and the City 2' Filming in New York, America - 01 Sep 2009

What do you mean, a separate fee per bag??!


Falling asleep by the pool in THAT killer cut out bikini

tan lines

Strictly for posing only


Vastly overestimating the temperature during our “Indian Summer”

Snow buddies

“I said brr, it’s cold in here”


Missing our ultimate holiday shop


Live on the Mallzee #TrendingTab now- don’t miss it!



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