BTS with Sarenza: shoes, style tips and plans for the future!

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We’re always delighted when a new retailer joins the Mallzee family, and when said retailer just happens to have over 700 top shoe and accessory brands to shop from things get even better. Step forward Sarenza, the footwear fanatics mecca. To get the insider scoop we spoke to Jessica, their User Acquisition Manager for the UK- here’s what she had to say…

Jessica Sarenza

As you know, we’re HUGE Sarenza fans! For anyone who is new to the brand, how would you describe yourselves in 5 words?

Energetic, trendy, dynamic, chic, FUN!

What are your top 3 favourite products on the site just now?

I’ve had my eye on these Nike trainers for a while now- one of my coworkers has them and the colour is even better when you see it in person! I’m also obsessing over some Sarenza platform sandals—I haven’t embraced the platform trend yet, but that’s about to change very soon. And finally, I just treated myself to this pink Michael Michael Kors bag and am 100% in love.

Nike_trainersTrainers  |  £74  |  Sarenza


Sandals  |  £82.90  |  Sarenza


Bag  |  £119.70  |  Sarenza

What are your ‘go-to’ shoes for…

A Summer wedding: The Roudoudou heels from the SS15 Sarenza collection are so elegant… they look classic from the outside, and the shiny finish on the inside makes for a fun surprise.

A BBQ: The Sarenza Bamako wedges—they’re comfortable for walking on grass, but the metallic touches make them extra chic. I love that they’re classic enough to go with just about any outfit while the original details keep them modern.

A beach holiday: For a relaxed casual look, the Nairobi sandals by Sarenza are my favourite. Perfect for showing off a Summer pedicure!

A Summer city break : These Birkenstocks are super trendy at the moment, and they’re perfect for walking around all day long. They look great with shorts or a sundress!


Heels  |  £68.60  |  Sarenza




Wedges  |  £45  |  Sarenza




Sandals  |  £58  |  Sarenza




Birkenstocks  |  £52.90  |  Sarenza

Sarenza not only sells multiple shoe brands, but also has it’s own fantastic Sarenza range- can you tell us more about this?

After nine years of selling hundreds of different brands, we finally decided it was time to create our very own footwear line that can’t be found anywhere else. The Sarenza range was designed in-house with shoes for girls, by girls! With this line we strive to show our brand personality: we’re a French company and we love fashion, but we also love to laugh and have fun. The designs tend to be very trend-forward with plenty of fun in the details.

What has been the inspiration for the Sarenza Summer collection?

The SS15 collection is the Sarenza brand’s first ever Summer line! Our design team drew inspiration from Paris, Sarenza’s home. They’ve worked to adapt classic French style in a modern, fun way for active young women by adding original, eye-catching details. The collection is girly yet empowering, full of bold touches like metal cow faces, tribal prints and shiny embellishments. There are 130+ styles to choose from as well, so there’s really something for a huge range of tastes.

Who has the best shoes in the Sarenza office?

Francisca from our German marketing team has hundreds of gorgeous shoes—she’s definitely the most fashion forward on the international floor. I have no idea how she stores so many pairs of shoes in a Parisian apartment! Today she’s towering above us all in these silver sandals from the new Sarenza collection.

OK, so get us excited…What’s next at Sarenza?

Our tenth anniversary is coming up this Autumn, and we have loads of surprises planned to celebrate! Unfortunately I can’t give anything away just yet, but definitely keep an eye out as this will be a huge celebration. We’re also preparing to launch “Sarenza wear,” our very own range of fun, trendy tights and socks just in time for the new Autumn/Winter season. There’s always something in the works at Sarenza, which makes for a dynamic and interesting work environment!

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