Seven of the best (and worst) S Club 7 outfits

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It’s official- the S Club 7 #BringItAllBack2015 tour is in full swing, and we literally could not be more excited. Whilst we’d love a major 90s steez fest, word on the block is that the crew have considerably polished up their act for their latest outing. Boo. With the threat of a distinct lack of low slung denim, face bindis or co-ordinating outfits, we’re looking back at some of the best- and admittedly worst- classic 90s S Club 7 outfits…

(Big 90s fan? Check out how megababe J-Lo works the look!)


WIN: The enduring classic

sc 90s

Bursting onto the scene with the most cropped of tops, bug eye shades and acres of toned flesh, early days S Club were so bad it was admittedly fantastic.


FAIL: Studs, brights, leather, medallions…

sc colours

All too quickly the days of matching outfits were in place (more on this later) and although they were on point at time, this monstrosity of print, colour and embellishment was only ever destined for the fashion police hall of shame.


WIN: Ahead of their time

sc classic

OK, we admit it- on first glance this doesn’t look great. But may we draw your attention to Hannah’s shoes (shell toes), Rachel’s top (cold shoulder), Paul’s boots (Timberlands) and Tina’s skirt (denim pencil). Wa-hey ahead of the style curve with this one…


FAIL: Bacofoil mania

Photo of S CLUB 7

Co-ordinating outfits may be your thing, but must they draw inspiration from common kitchen tin foil? Stand out details aside (Tina’s face bindi, Jon’s blazer/ high neck tee combo) this has to be a no.


WIN: White out

sc white

Looking for classic 90’s sports luxe inspiration? Look no further. From the easy breezy wide legged pants to the turtleneck and oversized shirts, this is a masterclass in successfully pulling off a fashion throwback.


WIN: Fur real

sc fur

Our favourite has to be Tina’s fur trim skirt, turtleneck and gilet combo, but the whole crew get a fashion nod from us for this “Never had a dream come true” Winter wonderland look.


WIN: Refresh

sc now

Scrubbing up well for 2015, team!




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