Chatting fashion and flares with Rosie Fortescue

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She’s the self-confessed style Queen who brightens up our Monday nights with her sassy one liners and no-nonsense attitude. But dig a little deeper and you’ll soon discover there’s a heart of gold amongst all the floppy hats, tousled curls and stacked rings of Rosie Fortescue. We chat to the Made in Chelsea star about blogging, fashion and a life spent in front of the camera…

Rosie Fortescue Made in Chelsea interview

Hey Rosie! We’re delighted to get to hear your opinions on all things fashion focussed. How did your interest in the industry begin?

Thank you! I have always been interested in fashion and have read and collected Vogue for as long as I can remember. I however did a degree in History of Art at Goldsmiths and just when I was finishing my degree, I started my fashion blog. I soon started filming for Made in Chelsea and it was the perfect time for me to launch the blog and document my outfits, enabling the viewers to access my wardrobe. At Fashion Forte initially started with fashion, art and photography; now I am mainly fashion based.


How do you find the time to blog alongside filming, working on your projects and going to events?

I stay up late and work! I am good at managing my time thank goodness but I am super busy at the moment, which is great, so I can’t complain!


What advice would you give to our readers who are interested in a career in fashion and the entertainment industry?

Commitment is key. A blog can take up a huge amount of time so the content needs to continuously keep you keen and enthused.


Any blogs that you can’t get enough of?

I am obsessed with the Man Repeller. She is hilarious and dresses fantastically. She has an incredible personality!


How would you describe your personal style?

I tend to wear quite tailored clothes. I am a sucker for suits and blazers!


Do you think your style has evolved since you started filming for Made in Chelsea?

I think I have just matured. I truly know now what suits my body and what doesn’t. It takes time to learn about your body and what flatters your body type best.


Do you use stylists on the show or do you pick everything you wear?

I pick everything that I wear.


What is your all time favourite moment from the show so far?

The trips abroad are always great fun. Paris was amazing. Anything where my dog Noodle is involved too always makes me laugh as she can really play up to the camera!


Who do you look to when you want an opinion on what to wear?

I live with my twin sister so if she is at home I will ask her for advice. If not I have to wing it…


We all love a good shopping trip. What are your go-to stores when you’re on a spree?

Zara and River Island have got to be my favourite high street stores. Harvey Nichols has a great shoe department as it’s not always as busy as the other key department stores.


If you could shop with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

I’d shop with Olivia Palermo because I think she would encourage me to wear more colour and prints. I admire the way she dresses and plays around with colour.


Which of your friends has the best style?

My twin sister has great style. We borrow each others clothes and jewellery which is fun when we are getting dressed to go out together.


Any exciting plans in the pipeline?

I am working on a clothing collaboration and my own jewellery line but sadly can’t give too much away!


Finally, we’ve all had them- what is your biggest fashion disaster?

Wearing bell bottom jeans age 12. We all wore them at school but I wish I’d just gone for flares as they totally drowned me.




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