Rebecca Torres: The Future of Scottish Fashion

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rebecca torres

Hey Rebecca! We’re delighted to have such an esteemed Scottish designer chatting to us. Could you explain how you made it into the industry?

After Studying at Glasgow Clyde College (Cardonald Campus) and then furthering my career at Caledonian University, I took time in developing a small range which was featured in Grazia and Look magazine (which I was so excited about) and in turn got picked up by, who then bought my first collection and this is what officially started my business to what is today.

 You studied in Scotland- what do you think of the Scottish fashion industry?

The Scottish Fashion Industry I believe is flourishing, so many new independent labels have developed and are doing well in there own right. Since I started designing in 2008 and then creating my business in 2011 the amount of designers and labels that are continuing to base themselves here In Scotland is so encouraging to future graduates.  Of course you may have to work that little bit harder and push your brand out there more but I believe you can create a brand and be based anywhere.  Of Course if you are going into other areas such as buying then jobs here in Scotland are limited as they do tend to be based in London but hopefully more jobs like that can be based here is Scotland in the future.

 What was your biggest struggle on your path to where you are today?

My biggest struggle I would say is trying not to doubt yourself through the hard times, I try and remind myself that every business has there highs and lows and no matter how tough or if things aren’t working out, just take a moment to realise how far you have come and what you have achieved.

What does Rebecca Torres stand for as a brand?

Rebecca Torres Brand is about empowerment, take that moment when you dress yourself in your favorite piece and that spilt second when you look at yourself in the mirror and think “I feel great” no insecurities, no doubting how you look, that is what I am trying to capture when I’m designing a garment.

 You specialise in “sports led fabrics”- do you think the sportswear trend will continue to gain popularity over the next few seasons?

Yes I design using sports-led fabric, which comprises of using fabrics that have stretch, most fabric compositions have this element in them and I believe regardless of what they are referred to in industry they will continue to be used as.  I believe the sportswear trend will continue as I think there is such a change in the way people think about there health and lifestyle that fashion will continue to evolve and adapt to this trend.

 You have had a sell-out collection on ASOS, do you think this is a good platform for up and coming designers?

Having been on Asos of course helped my business on the path to be what it is today, I do believe that being on sites like ASOS are a good platform for up and coming designers but also as a brand you have to be able to hold your own and not let “big business” take advantage of you, take time to think about what you are being offered and make sure its right for you.

 With Scottish Fashion Awards, mentions in Vogue and more, you’re collecting many accolades- what’s the one title/ compliment you’re most hankering for?

To be honest for me the awards are of course great and a good confidence boost but I get more of a kick out of seeing customers tweet, instagram and send me pictures of themselves in the garments. To think that someone has bought something I have created’s hard earned money is the best accolade you can get.

 How would you describe your personal style?

I would say colourful and contemporary.

 Finally- we know even the best have ‘em- what’s your worst fashion disaster?

Well if you were a kid growing up in the city of Glasgow then most people will be able to relate to wearing tracksuits as normal attire for during the day…looking back on some pictures its just awful!

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