The Mallzee HQ Sessions: Rachel Arthur tells all

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The big reveal. The third act twist. The tell-all expose. Tom Daley did it on YouTube. Shakespeare’s Viola did it in cropped hair and her brother’s clothes. Brooke Magnanti did it in The Sunday Times, most likely whilst wearing Louboutins and a pristine set of La Perlas.

I did it on a blustery Tuesday afternoon, in front of a makeshift umbrella flash in the dissection theatre at Summerhall. Yes- “I”. Not Team Mallzee, the Style Team or “we”. I, Rachel Arthur, Head of Content and Chief Word Spinner here at Mallzee where my working days are filled with researching, writing and peppering our social media platforms with such side splitting phrases as “slap us silly”, “dancing in our pants” and “Goddam hot sauce”. Indeed. My comeuppance has most definitely arrived, however, as I have pushed for more professional shoots for the blog and found myself the guinea pig for the test run. Eep. Were it not for our superstar photographer Kathrin Haag I most definitely wouldn’t have made it through the shoot…

Rachel Arthur sitting

My Mallzee escapade began almost a year ago to date when I somehow managed to blag myself an internship at a small start-up aiming to merge fashion and tech. Cally sat me down, looked at me somewhat quizzically as I hauled out my brick of a laptop and attempted to wait patiently for the usual ten minutes it took to fire up. My first task? Simple- write a blog.

The spanner in the works

Despite various attempts to hide the fact, the truth is that I was, and to some extents still am, a technophobe. During that initial baptism of fire at the ESpark offices I attempted to write my first ever blog post. In the space of mere minutes the words dashboard, WordPress, SEO and permalink rushed into my life like a high speed train on an uncontrollable crash course. I scrambled for answers, helplessly unable to avoid the inevitable collision. Every so often Boss Man would pop his head over his Mac and remind me to use H2 tags in my post. I nodded enthusiastically, frantically googling “what is an H2 tag” the second he was out of sight. Snaps for meta descriptions, focus keywords and Twitter cards. Good Lord. Thankfully, I managed to play the blag for long enough to secure a full time position. Exactly why that happened remains a mystery to the entire team to this day…

Truth be told I’m often the bane of many of Team Mallzee’s days. I am constantly bugging them to pose for yet another Instagram post or Tune Tuesday suggestion and having finally taken my turn in front of the camera promise to be more sympathetic in the future. I will always favour a pen and paper over a keyboard, despise iCal and enjoy real life, touchy feely shopping. That said, being converted to super snappy online buying is a not-too-horrendous perk of the job which my wardrobe is more than thankful for.

When shining the spotlight on my fellow team members, a large focus falls upon their fashion. Quiz me on my style and I doubt you’d want to hear the truth. But, in true expose style, here goes: I am more often than not the office scruff. Laura nails perfectly put together print and colour, Nicola rocks a pared back monochrome style like only the best. I, meanwhile, fall somewhere between ragamuffin and, as I’m told, “pirate Princess”. Hmm.

Fashion aside, being a part of Mallzee marks a major milestone. As I approach my one year work-iversary, I can’t help but call to mind all of the things I’ve gained over the past twelve months. And, no, I don’t refer simply to the superstar MacBook which allows me to write an entire post without ever once being forced to restart, nor the iPhone which makes it slightly more apparent that I work for a 21st Century fashion company and not a Bronze Age florist. The experience I’ve gained so far is immeasurable and beyond anything else I have experienced in my many monotonous internships. But, above everything else it is the team that I’m most grateful for. As today marks my last post before I fulfill a dream of many years and travel to South Africa, I cannot imagine coming back to work without seeing their shining faces across my desk every day. Mallzee would be nothing without the odd flying bird attack or surprise Canadian mitten delivery, and were it not for a certain team member’s love affair with chocolate the day would certainly be ever so slightly less delicious. In the voice of our brand, our hotch potch, utterly unique team totally rock my socks. Should I be munched by a lion or fall prey to Ro’s terrifying infographics, it is in their safe hands I leave you.



Over and out,

Rachel/ Edna/ “OP”








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