Yup… it’s time for more Mallzee Ambassadors…

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Get ready erybody- there’s yet more Mallzee Ambassadors up in the house! Meet the crew…

(And say hi to the rest of the bunch whilst you’re at it; hit up groups one and two now!)


Group 3- Charlotte, Chris, Emilie, Erin, Natalie P, Natalie W and Sophie


Who would your ideal date be?

Charlotte: This is probably going to sound really cheesy but my ideal date would be my boyfriend Lewis. We have been together nearly three years and he always makes me laugh and is really supportive.

Chris: My ideal date i think would be Alexander Mcqueen. His story and life is so tragic, i would have loved to explore his mind a little deeper; find out what he’s really all about! To have a chat to him about his work, explaining his ideas, and maybe even getting a little bit of advice would have been absolutely amazing! He will always be my main source of inspiration, both as a designer but as a person.

Emilie: I am known to be quite the realist (borderline pessimist) when it comes to dating. However, day dreaming of the perfect date never hurt anyone. Lets see…where do I start. Okay, so my ideal date would without a doubt be Seth Cohen from the O.C. He is adorable and oh so nerdy.  I am still to this day determined to find a real life Seth Cohen. And trust me, its gonna happen one day (fingers crossed).

Erin: I have a secret love for the members of boy bands (not so secret anymore!), and due to this particular person being a fellow resident of Dorset, my ideal date would be James McVey from the Vamps.

Natalie P: Not one person in mind but someone funny and caring and whom I can have interesting conversations with.

Natalie W: Definitely Chad Michael Murray back in his One Tree Hill days… or Ed Westwick, I love his secret British accent!

Sophie: I’ve never really been someone who has had major crushes on celebrities (apart from one time when I thought I was a badass emo and fancied Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco). If I had to choose an ideal date to have a really fun and memorable time with, it would be my best friend Hattie and my all time favourite drag queens; Latrice Royal and Bianca Del Rio. These gals can TURN IT OUT! Cocktails, music, dancing and laughter is the recipe :).


What city best sums up your style?

Charlotte: I guess if I was to pick just one city it would be Tokyo. I love, love LOVE prints and pattern but I do tend to style them with plain outfits so it’s not too loud. I find Japanese culture fascinating and I admire the use of clashing prints, which is very popular over there. I use this to inspire my wardrobe and outfit choices.

Chris: The city that sums up my style will have to be Manchester. I was born and raised there, and its whole culture is amazing. People be who they want to be in Manchester, you don’t have to worry about what you look like because there are so many different types of people! Manchester is my city, and it’s my style.

Emilie: Copenhagen, for sure. Copenhagen keeps it simple and functional. Even though I am of Danish nationality, I do not quite represent the typical Scandinavian look. On that aspect, I am quite the opposite. I do however, embody some of the danish street style. Copenhagen never goes out of fashion with its classic and sophisticated architecture mixed with new and modern buildings, which adds boldness to the city. My personal style is all about taking classic items and mixing them with current trends and add a bit of an edge just like the modern architecture in the danish fashion capital.

Erin: I’d have to pick my favourite city in the world, Los Angeles, as the best city to describe my style. It’s a very diverse city; ranging from the stylish, sophisticated vibes of Rodeo Drive, the energetic, fun atmosphere of Hollywood, combined with the laid back feeling of Venice Beach. This perfect mix of attributes means that LA would be the perfect city to represent my style!

Natalie P: I’d definitely say London describes me best. You can’t sum London up in one style, from Camden to Kensington there’s a huge variety of trends and I don’t think I’d pin myself down to just one sole look. I wear clothes that reflect my mood and activities and the busy, ever-changing scene of London reflects that.

Natalie W: Bit of a strange one but probably Nashville, I really want to go there someday! I love country music and I wear jeans a lot through the day, yet I like to dress up on a night with a cute LBD or something.

Sophie: I would have to say London would be the city that best describes my style. I love the combination of classic tailoring and silhouettes with the eclectic and edgy eccentricity that London fashion seems to possess.


What’s the soundtrack to your life?

Charlotte: I guess the album I never get bored of listening to is The Kills – Midnight Boom. Alison Mosshart has a great energy and that is really captured well on the record. This album brings back loads of good memories and is probably a record I’ll listen to for many years to come.

Chris: It’s going to have to be Marilyn Manson. Manson opened me up to this whole other world of music, music I hadn’t even known existed. His style has changed as much as his music. Love him or hate him, he’s a genius and I felt liberated after I discovered it.

Emilie:  My taste in music evolves constantly, which makes it extremely difficult to compose a sound track to my life. Having said that, Vamos a la Playa is my “go to song” when I am feeling down. Yes, I know what you are thinking…but stay with me on this one. This song brings out so much positivity every time it comes on no matter how much of a bad mood I’m in. So no, I am not sorry.

Erin: Having just moved up to London this past week, everything has been a little hectic. This has meant, that in a complete contrast, the soundtrack to my life at the moment has been the more relaxed vibes, of the slightly aged album, Every Kingdom by Ben Howard. I’d choose this album as the soundtrack to my life as it fits more with my laid back lifestyle that I have moved from in Bournemouth, and is a good representation of the music I enjoy listening to.

Natalie P: Lorde’s Pure Heroine. She represents what I admire in a person: independent, creative and someone who’s not afraid to be a little different. The album itself is powerful but subtle, and is great left on while I work or read.

Natalie W: At the moment I would say Lucy Hale’s new album ‘Road Between.’ Having said that The Spice Girls bring out my fun, dancing side on a night out! Bit of a guilty pleasure!

Sophie: There are so many songs that I feel strongly connected to and all seem to have touched major parts of my life in some way. I think I’d have to go with ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John. It was a close call between him and Stevie Wonder. This song truly encapsulates how you feel in the moment, all your hopes, dreams, desires, happiness and endless possibilities of what’s to come. I could go on forever but I won’t bore you :).




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