GUEST BLOGGER SUNDAY: Style crush – Miroslava Duma

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Here it is folks- the new, improved, shiny shiny GUEST BLOGGER SUNDAY! What a treat. First in line is Fiona Hunter of Country Girl-City Life, who discusses the style of ever chic Miroslava Duma. Over to you Fiona…
I seem to keep seeing pictures of Miroslava Duma on the internet recently, mainly on my Tumblr feed and so I had to look up and find out who she was and how come she was so darn stylish! I found out that Miroslava is the daughter of a Russian senator, the former editor of Russian Harper Bazaar, a freelance writer for various Russian fashion publications and has now launched her own website Buro 24/7. From the pictures that I’ve seen, she seems to be one of those uber stylish, front row fashionistas that I’m pretty sure all us fashion folk would love to be.
Miroslava Duma's bold, colourful style

Duma – Style Queen

Miroslava Duma looks fresh and bright in aqua green Earning her style stripes and colour block perfection

We might not all have the privilege of access to a designer wardrobe like Miroslava’s so I thought I’d have a look across the internet and see how we can get Miroslava Duma’s look on a high street (Mallzee) budget.
This is probably one of the looks that I like best, it’s very me! In my opinion there aren’t enough florals around at the moment, I’d like to see more ditsy and vintage looking summer florals on the high street, or appearing in my Mallzee feed,  and not just bold neon prints, but maybe I’m just wishing for something ‘that was so last year’!? To be honest this photo could have been taken years ago, but I still think it’s a great and timeless look. This floral midi length skirt is from ASOS for £65 (actually a dress I realised). I think I would wear it with a lose fitting cream t-shirt and match it with a brown leather jacket.

Vintage floral styleTrouser suits are really on trend at the moment and I love the blue one above (I actually have a pair of ASOS trousers like those ones, if only I had a jacket to match!) and this red combo is great. River Island have a nice red boyfriend fit blazer for £45. I’m not sure whether Miroslava is wearing a red jumpsuit here or a red tee and trousers but whatever it is…it works! I would never have thought to wear three pieces in the same colour but it’s definitely something I would consider now. Have you tried it?
The surprising chic-ness of tomato redI love how feminine Miroslava Duma looks in all these pictures. I really like this look of a statement skirt and necklace with a plain white shirt.  I have a few statement necklaces and plan to add to my collection since there are so many gorgeous ones in the shops just now and I’d love to get my hands on a crisp white shirt to match. One of my 2013 resolutions was to buy more statement fashion pieces and try not to spend money on things I’ll only wear a few times. Along with a black blazer, I think a white shirt is a wardrobe must-have! This metallic green skirt is from Sister Jane at Topshop for £48 and would be great with a white shirt or even a black tee and ankle boots for a more casual look.
A statement necklace to add the final touchFrom Fiona at countrygirl-citylife

Many thanks Fiona, great post. Stay tuned for regular GUEST BLOGGER SUNDAYS and for personal outfit recommendations, join us now at .

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