What happens when the Mallzee tech team critique Mark Ronson

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Here at Mallzee HQ we’re big fans of Mark Ronson’s style. Musician, DJ, singer and other half to one of France’s fittest, he’s most definitely got many a string to his bow. Further to some mad musical skills, the most talented also happens to be one snappy ass dresser. Style Team convinced, we decided to turn the tables to get an alternative opinion on the riot of colourful suiting, graphic print jackets and statement kicks which constitute Mark Ronson’s wardrobe. Behold- here is what happens when you ask for the Mallzee Development Team’s fashion critique… sorry Mark  🙁

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Look 1- all white on the night

mark 1


Ro: Srsly? A white suit? #no

Cally: Only if you’re in a casino in Monaco with lots of Russian gangsters

Olle: Woooow way too white…


Look 2- On Wednesdays we wear…

Versace For H&M Fashion Event - Red Carpet


Ro: A pink suit? Just, why?! WHY?! #no

Cally: This hurt my eyes! 

Olle: Cutting myself on his edgy edges… no srsly, what even is this?

Look 3- Popping prints

mark 3


Ro: OK, now we’re getting somewhere. At least he knows that his trousers and jacket can be different now. Still though, they’re jeans… #no

Cally: The only look close to being acceptable for a night out in Edinburgh

Olle: Much better than the first two, but still- not my piece of cake. 

Look 4- #fierce

FLYNET - Mark Ronson At The Box Club


Ro: Leopard print? Erm… Different, but still, #no

Cally: Is he going to the jungle?!? 

Olle: Is that supposed to look like a dead animal?

Look 5- Suited and booted in fresh kicks

mark 5


Ro: A shiny suit and shiny hair on a flash-lit red carpet? Oh, Mark… #no

Olle: Best one of the lot- change the pink to something else and I would approve fully.

Cally: For a red carpet?!? Maybe! But I don’t often go on those so maybe not. Maybe fire the stylist, download Mallzee and discover something actually acceptable…?




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