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Having a #mallzeemoment…? 

Ever felt that knowing rush of adrenalin as the delivery man rings the doorbell? Felt the buzz of excitement at handing over your credit card to the ever knowing sales assistant? Hells, even got a high from the sight of your fave celeb rocking the shirt you JUST bought? Well, join the crew- it would appear you’ve had a #MallzeeMoment, and you’re not alone.

Every fashion obsessive gets them- that hot flush that runs up your spine upon purchasing some new threads, safe in the knowledge they’ll kick your style credentials firmly into touch. But why keep them to yourself? In a world where social media makes shopping a team sport, we want to hear all about your Mallzee moments, whatever they may be.

So get involved and start sharing- from the ultimate sales find to a killer new season purchase or dream celeb spot, get posting your #MallzeeMoment and we’ll share the best with the whole Mallzee family. Our very own Head of Content (and real-life Edna Mode) Rachel Arthur will be on hand from 5:30-6:30pm every Thursday to man the decks and chat all things fash-un; get your #MallzeeMoment in then for maximum impact!


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How to:

New to Mallzee? No problem! Just check out our handy guide to how to get involved…

Infographic 1

1- Download Mallzee for free on the App Store

2- Create an account so we can tailor our suggestions perfectly to your unique style

3- Hit the Shop Now button to dive straight into the latest looks from top fashion favourites 

4- Scroll through the styles to find your dream purchase…


Now it’s time to really get involved! Here’s how to share your dream buys into the #MallzeeMoment chat…

Infographic 2

1- Hit the share button on your favourite look

2- Share your find by Twitter

3- Tailor the message to say whatever you like- just remember to use the #MallzeeMoment hashtag! 


Top tips:

Fancy a quickie…? Share a product to Twitter from directly within the app, hashtagging #MallzeeMoment, for the speediest way to get involved

Let’s take this seriously The top #MallzeeMoment? A snap of you rocking it in your latest Mallzee purchase! (#staroftheshow)

And get everyone involved Spotted a Mallzee look on a top blogger or celeb? We wanna hear all about it! Get sharing your top sightings using the hashtag


We’ll be on hand to see what and who you guys are loving, but also to answer any of your fashion related questions- no matter how big or small. From what shoes to pair with 3/4 length trousers to the ominous black tie minefield, we’ve got an answer to every clothing related conundrum. So come join us from 5:30-6:30pm every Thursday and have yourself a top #MallzeeMoment!




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