Hazaar! Mallzee V2 is here, and it’s totally the s*?t…

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It’s an exciting time for Mallzee HQ as this week sees us launch our second version of the personal shopper in your pocket that has consumed so much of our lives for the past 12 months. It’s been a definite labour of love, with every sleepiness night, near meltdown and pleading e-mail culminating in a final product we’re delighted to put our names to.

Not only is Mallzee V2 much slicker, more intuitive and far more expansive than our previous incarnation, we’ve also got a whole host of new features built in for your shopping delight. An all new Homepage is filled to bursting with interactive style inspiration, our incredible and totally unique Style Feeds make for personalised shopping like never before and Price Drop alerts ensure you won’t miss a bargain again. Catch a moment with Bossman and he’ll likely promise you free puppies, too- sadly, this is not a genuine feature. Soap box and all…

Animal loving aside, just what is it that makes Mallzee V2 so special? Read on for some Team Mallzee insights to give you a better sense of what’s really gone on behind the scenes…


Cally Russell, Bossman

Today we’re releasing a new version of Mallzee which is a big step forward from our previous apps. With Style Feeds, an exciting new Homepage, Price Drop notifications and sharing to What’s App this version of Mallzee is now ready to become a vital part of your shopping experience. The journey for Mallzee started over two years ago with an idea and a simple landing page. Since then we’ve grown to a team of 8, raised two rounds of investment, been lauded by media around the world and helped tens of thousands of people shop. It’s never enough for us though so if you have any feedback then please get in touch and help us change the way world shops!


Rachel Arthur, Content Queen

For me, the release of Mallzee V2 is the culmination of many months of plugging to push content to the fore of our offering. With top bloggers, stylist picks, trend features and in-house photo shoots now showcased on the Homepage there’s a wealth of inspiration to choose from. Shoppable content is here and it’s siiiiick!


Alex Humphry-Baker, Design Demon and lama lover

This new version of Mallzee has been under wraps for over six months now and I am so excited to get it into our user’s hands! You can expect a fresh redesign and a brand new way to shop with our Style Feeds feature! Oh and switching genders is totally effortless 😉


Laura Faint, PR Princess

I love that we’ve got a place to showcase amazing bloggers through the app. We’re thrilled to have Kate from Gh0stparties and Jonathan from Garçon Jon on board for the launch and are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with talented bloggers. I’m also pretty obsessed with Price Drop- never again will I have that soul destroying moment of missing a sale- yay!


Ro Ramtohul, apparent Filter Philanderer

The new app is simply incredible. It’s now easier than ever to find the products you’re looking for and it’s super fast! As you filter, the number of products which fall under that filter is shown instantly, which makes filtering really helpful. I <3 filters.

Find out what all the fuss is about and download Mallzee V2 today- it’s fun, free and totally addictive…


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