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Mallzee student Ambassadors Group 4- Anna, Bethany-Rose, Charlotte, Laura, Paweerata, Rachel and Tilly


Who would your ideal date be?

Anna: Don Benjamin from America’s Next Top Model (cycle 20). His face is perfection…other than my boyfriend.

Bethany- Rose: I’d have to pick Miley Cyrus as my ideal date! I mean her clothes are outrageous and it would definitely not be a boring date.

Charlotte: It has to be Vivienne Westwood! Definitely in my eyes the best British fashion designer around at the moment; bringing modern punk influences and new wave fashion into mainstream.

Laura: Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino. Firstly ( and obviously) he’s gorgeous, but he also seems really funny and intelligent too. I think he’d be fun but also provide some good conversation. Oh, and then he could sing to me after.

Paweerata: My Ideal date would be in New York City since I love everything in that Big Apple! Moreover, my ideal partner should be able to go crazy and love music as much as I do.

Rachel: Harry Styles; he just seems like a genuinely sweet guy. (P.S. Sorry for the stereotypical female response)

Tilly: Ricky Whittle (His smile and those abs! I like his acting too)


 What city best sums up your style?

Anna: Casual L.A with a hint of New York. I love to wear comfy, stylish clothing, with hints of unique, flashy and different vintage accessories. So that I can effortlessly mange whatever the day throws at me.

Bethany- Rose: My home city Manchester best describes my style, anything goes and everyone looks great! It’s so laid back and you can feel great in whatever you wear! Such a lovely city for fashion adventures.

Charlotte: As a fashion marketing student, we all know that money is sparse so let’s be realistic here. I would say, ultimately, that the London high street best sums up my style. I absolutely love brands such as Urban Outfitters, Cheap Monday and Topshop which all have huge influences upon high street fashion and reflect the current trends also seen on the catwalk! Perfect for any fashionista as well as their bank balance 😉

Laura:  I would have to say the city that probably sums up my style best is the city I grew up in, London. I think London has such a diverse and eclectic range of fashions and I definitely see myself as drawing inspiration from the street style here – for instance I love to add urban touches to my outfits such as a chunky boot or bold print. In keeping with the diversity of London also I don’t believe I have a style that can be pinned down into one category, I like to dress for the occasion and draw from lots of different styles. However, having said that  a recurring theme in my wardrobe is definitely black – but how can you go wrong with that?

Paweerata: The city that sums up your style would be Brooklyn. I love the street fashion and subculture there.

Rachel: My style is smart casual monochrome, so I think I would fit into the busy, working world of London.

Tilly: Tokyo because it’s a busy city with a lot going on. My style is similar in the sense that it is forever changing. Therefore, my wardrobe can look super busy with so many different styles; switching from classy to urban street looks.


 What’s the soundtrack to your life?

Anna: Flawless by Beyonce, every woman needs that song to feel strong and empowered.

Bethany- Rose:  Jack Johnson- Breakdown (don’t be fooled by the name of the song, it’s such a love life, care free song).

Charlotte: It has to be ‘why should I worry?’ from Disney’s Oliver and Company!

Laura: Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumours as it’s one of my all time favourites. It’s the ultimate dance around your room, feel good album and it just makes me happy which I see as reason enough.

Paweerata: Time to pretend by MGMT since it reminds me of the (good) turning point in my life 🙂

Rachel: John Mayer’s ‘Where the Light is” acoustic album- it’s so chilled out.

Tilly: Lauryn Hill – Sweetest Thing.




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