Mallzee: “It’s (a)live!!”

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Mallzee: It's (a)live!!

We’ve been having a bit of a mad scientist time of it lately at Mallzee; and not just because the crazy amounts of hard work have been driving us to the edge. No, no, with Nerf guns to subdue the stress, our main cries have been not of pain but more of “it’s live! It’s actually live!!” Yes, that’s right dear readers…after many long hard nights we are overjoyed to present to you the new live version of Party poppers!!

But why should I care about Mallzee?

Well- rather, why should you not? That’s a much shorter answer. But if you insist… not only do we offer you specifically personalised style recommendations, we’ve also run all over to sign up the best retailers and allow you to shop them all in one place. Over 300 of them in fact! Ooft.

Want more? How about taking everything you love about wandering around town with your friends and offering it to you as an online experience? Instant chat, recommendations and opinions- yup. All available online. Clever, huh?!

But- what’s that you say?? STILL NOT ENOUGH?? Good gracious. But we’ll give in and throw in some Mallzee dollars every time you shop with us or invite friends; because we all know shopping’s better with friends. And because we’re so super nice- sign up now and we’ll throw in VIP membership.

So. What are you waiting for? We present the Mallzee band wagon. JUMP ON IT.

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