Meet the Mallzee Ambassadors- Group 2

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Following on from yesterday’s unveiling of our first group of mighty Mallzee Ambassadors, check out the next lot of troops and their crazy answers to our probing questions…

Mallzee Ambassadors group two

Group 2- Fern, Gillian, Jodie-Ann, Maxi, Rachel, Shannon and Victoria


Who would your ideal date be?

Fern: It’s too hard and I’m too picky to decide on just one person so I’ll go for a sort of hybrid of a few. He would have Jamie Dornan’s looks, Alex Turner’s style and voice, the intellect and wit of Oscar Wilde and Chris O’Dowd’s humour. It would probably make for a very strange date- but could be a dream dinner party table!

Gillian: It would have to be the model David Gandy, the most beautiful man ever!

Jodie-Ann: I would have to say Channing Tatum. That face. That body. Need I say more….

Maxi: Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro.

Rachel: John Lennon.

Shannon: My ideal date would be Chris Hemsworth- you’d have to be crazy to turn down a date with him! I once waited for 2/3 hours to see him at a movie premier only to discover it was actually the next day and I wouldn’t be there; I’m still getting over it.

Victoria: Ed Westwick.


What city best sums up your style?

Fern:  I’d like to think that I would do Parisian chic quite well but my style is probably better summed up by Berlin and it’s street style- fairly casual but also self-aware. I always like to throw on a statement or unusual piece to perk up a relaxed look.

Gillian: London definitely sums up my style as it has a real mix of really glamorous, dressed up style as well as really edgy and different looks too!!

Jodie-Ann: Most definitely New York. I visited this fabulous city earlier on this year and completely fell in love. The city is totally diverse, as is my style. One day I’ll be styling it up in a feminine A-line skirt and courts à la Carrie Bradshaw in the stylish Upper East Side and the next I’ll be rocking the sports luxe trend suited to the Bronx, home of the Yankee Stadium.

Maxi: I would say New York, specifically the iconic Brooklyn borough- it’s a city full of so many different cultures and much like my style it is very diverse. A massive part of what inspires me fashion wise is music and I love taking traditionally masculine elements of the hiphop/skate scene originating from this area and combining them with classic and vintage pieces to create my own unique style.

Rachel: London. My style is like London and its boroughs- split into different parts with an eclectic mix of influences. One day I’ll look as if I’d fit in shopping in Chelsea in structured tailoring and shiny loafers, whereas the next day I’d look right at home walking around Camden town in a band t-shirt and ripped jeans.

Shannon: London, without a doubt. It’s edgy and fashion forward in some areas and classy in others, much like my dress sense.

Victoria: Toronto, having been the first city I ever lived on my own in; I could experiment and express myself in any way I liked there. It was great due to the diverse style and creativity in the city which fuelled my style.


What’s the soundtrack to your life?

Fern: I’m constantly listening to motown, funk and disco. I think that anything that can instantly cheer you up and make you want to dance must be a good life sound track. “Move On Up” by Curtis Mayfield probably sums it up quite well!

Gillian: The soundtrack of my life would be The 1975 and Foxes.

Jodie-Ann: Anything by Destiny’s Child. I’m a 90’s kid and grew up with Michelle, Kelly and Beyoncé. They taught me to be an Independent Woman, after all.

Maxi: This was a really difficult one! I listen to everything and anything musically but I’m going to go for The Waterboys- Whole Of The Moon. My ultimate feel good song by a band I’ve loved forever.

Rachel: The Beach Boys- “Wouldn’t it be nice”.

Shannon: The 1975 album by the 1975 (funnily enough). I listened to it religiously throughout my first year of Uni and still can’t get enough of it (plus I fancy the lead singer).

Victoria: The soundtrack on my life is Frozen’s “Let it go”!!! It’s just amazing!!



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