Gird your loins, Team- the mighty Mallzee Ambassadors are here!

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It’s been a tough decision, with hordes of entries pouring in from up and down the land. But after weeks of interviews, Skype chats and heated discussion the results are in. The latest batch of Mallzee Ambassadors have been chosen, and we’re delighted to introduce them to you with some quick fire questions. First up, Group One…



Group 1- Cat, Hayley, Jodi, Kathy, Natalie, Renee and Richard


Who would your ideal date be?

Cat: My ideal date would have to be Douglas Booth. Dresses well, talented and good looking- what more can you ask for?!

Hayley: James McAvoy, I just really fancy him.

Jodi: My dream date would have to be my boyfriend of course! Failing that, Eddie Redmayne- I’ve been in love with him ever since I saw his Burberry campaign with Cara Delevingne.

Kathy: Kit Harrington- if he’s good enough for Jimmy Choo he’s good enough for me! Plus, I’m a Northerner so I’m used to the feeling that ‘winter is coming’.

Natalie: My ideal date would be David Beckham! Firstly because he’s beautiful, and no man or woman can deny that. Secondly because he’s got great style, he’s ambitious, hard working and I feel we would get on like a house in fire… in my dreams.

Renee: Joseph Gordon Levitt- he looks like such a lovely guy, and pretty hot too.

Richard: Definitely Cara Delevingne! The fact she’s so laid back and not the typical super model is what’s nice! I guess she’s not bad looking either…


What city best sums up your style?

Cat: The city that best describes my style is London. I love Parisian style but I think it’s a bit too serious all the time; I still like to add a bit of fun to most of my outfits whether it be metallic shoes or a pink furry bag! London is an exaggerated version of Glasgow, I think that’s what draws me to it.

Hayley: I feel like I have to say Edinburgh because well, I live there! I feel like us Scots do Winter fashion best and I love A/W colours.

Jodi: As cliche as it sounds definitely Edinburgh. I’m a huge fan of layers, coats and boots so the cold weather and constant chill in this city means you can pretty much wear them all year! A nightmare for sun lovers but perfect if you prefer dressing for Autumn/Winter.

Kathy: New York. In another lifetime I would have been a preened and polished Upper East Side socialite.

Natalie: New York best sums up my style as I’m on trend, I have a casual day time style but a glamorous night time style. I like to experiment with new styles and because of my job in Miss Selfridge I see new trends develop quickly and love to watch these grow, just like the fast paced environment of New York.

Renee: Paris as I have a fast growing collection of black and white stripy tops!

Richard: I really like layering up which is perfect for Edinburgh where I live. Literally one minute it can be scorching sun and the next blowing a gale! Guess that’s one of the joys of living in Scotland though. However I couldn’t be happier to staying in such a beautiful city and I’m still so glad I decided to come to University here!


What’s the soundtrack to your life?

Cat: That is a hard one, I would love to say something super cool but to be honest it is probably anything by the Spice Girls. I pretty much know every word to every song and even the dance routines.

Hayley: The soundtrack to the 13 Going On 30 movie. It’s perfect!

Jodi: My life sound track has to be Crazy in Love- Beyonce/Jay Z. It never fails to put me in a good mood and Beyonce is an absolute Queen after all!

Kathy: M83- Midnight City. This French band stole my heart with their album ‘Hurry up, we’re dreaming’. French men making amazing music couldn’t be much more perfect!

Natalie: The sound track to my life is the Ministry of Sound Ibiza annual; I’m just back from the best week of my life in Ibiza and have serious holiday blues so this CD is on repeat in my car!

Renee: Flowers in the Window by Travis.

Richard: Any Bastille Song brings back so many memories of festivals of the last two years! I first saw Bastille at TITP last year and they’ve been one of my favourite bands since. The love Dan Smith has for his music is something I admire about them.

Stay tuned for upcoming features on the remaining Mallzee Ambassadors and find out just why they’re excited to be a part of Mallzee by downloading our sparkly new app here.


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