Musings on the Made in Chelsea phenomenon understood through GIFs

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Made in Chelsea, the ultimate trash TV, is back. With a vengeance? Doubtful. Yet try as we might, there’s something about the super scripted shenanigans of SW3 which keep us coming back for more. Draconian escapism it may be, yet sometimes that’s just the ticket…

Real life refuge aside, just why are a whole host of arguably sensible, well educated post teens tuning in religiously every Sunday night? Slumped on sofas mid takeaway-induced coma, viewers up and down the country allow the mindless PR stunt to wash over them, soaking up the toff totty slang and (hopefully) discarding the fake sentiment. We look back at some of the most outrageous Made in Chelsea moments to better understand just why it is everyone’s still going gaga for the gang…

1- Thanks to some jazzy, ahem, scripting, the crew can get away with saying awful things the likes of which you’d never dream of uttering in real life.

Rosie MIC mean to Francis

2- Poignant, confusing real-life dramas are dealt with in a strangely simple manner. This reminds us real life is far from as simple, yet also makes us strangely thankful of the fact…

Ollie MIC sexuality

3- One word: Smackintosh.

Millie slap MIC

4- In Chelsea, it’s totally acceptable to spend £12 on a single drink, only to immediately throw it over your spouse. Smackintosh strikes again, this time reminding us that money isn’t everything- a girl also needs balls to make it in this world.

Millie MIC throwing drink

5- The genius casting of a little known lady named Lucy Watson made for addictive viewing, teaching us how to drop a ghetto bomb in real life.

Lucy MIC up in my grill gif

6- Thankfully, Louise was there to  remind us that this should not be attempted by everyone.

Louise MIC Whaddup

7- And also, that girls lie.

Louise MIC drunk Spencer

Invaluable life lessons, unquestionably. All we can say is… roll on Sunday.

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