Mad Max Fury Road vs. Pitch Perfect 2- which should you go and see this weekend?

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With both Mad Max Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2 released this week, it’s a cracker of a weekend for a cinema trip. A poppy a cappella girl group vs. a world apocalypse was never really going to be a fair fight, but there’s no doubt that each offers it’s own special something to viewers. Not sure which to plump for? Check out our handy guide to help you decide…


Dirty supermodels vs. squeaky clean actresses

mad max pitch perfect

Starring runway favourites Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Abbey Lee Kershaw, along with newbie Courtney Eaton, Mad Max is most definitely the (admittedly unexpected) fashionista’s choice. The catwalk Queens storm through the desert in white silks with bucket loads of sass, adding real heart and soul to the spunky action blockbuster.

Pitch Perfect also has a splash of model behaviour about it (step forward Miu Miu favourite Hailee Steinfeld) but in a much more clean cut tone. Expect perfect blow dries, co-ordinating outfits and routines so tight you won’t aca-believe it.


Brawn vs. a shaved chest


Prefer your menfolk a little rough around the edges? Mad Max is most definitely the flick of choice for you. With super stacked Tom Hardy picking up the reins where Mel Gibson left off, viewers can expect a hefty dose of testosterone- all wrapped up in a perfectly chiselled package.

For fans of the more preened and pulled together look, don’t miss Pitch Perfect 2’s male stars- most notably renowned German YouTube star Flula Borg. Heading up the rival crew, he proves there really is no end to his decidedly scary talent for pulling off a showstopper.

Gore galore vs. wardrobe malfunctions


With non-stop explosions, mutilations and general gore, Mad Max is by no standards an easy watch- but that’s all part of the hype. Want to see a mad post-apocalypic desert race with a tornado of fire and monster trucks? This is the one for you.

Prefer your action a little less deadly? With kick ass dance routines, toe tapping tunes and many a laugh out loud one liner, Pitch Perfect is the movie of choice for a girly night out. The much publicised wardrobe malfunction opener perfectly sets the tone for a movie jam packed with girl power and self discovery. Go Bellas!


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