5 things we learnt from last night’s Lost River screening

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When the chance to attend a live Q&A session with Ryan Gosling presents itself, you can’t say no. And so it was that last night we found ourselves popcorn in hand watching the Notebook star’s directorial debut, Lost River. Here’s what we learnt…

1- It’s pretty freaky


Following the story of a single mother (Christina Hendricks) and her two sons in their post-industrial hometown, Lost River deals with many of the darker sides of human nature- expect mutilation, lust and deprivation all set against a hauntingly disturbed fairytale background. Beautiful, but not for the weak stomached.


2- We will never look at Matt Smith in the same way again


Scalped, near emaciated and undeniably terrifying, Lost River portrays the former Doctor in a way we NEVER would have expected. His true white boy self was back to business as usual in the evening’s live Q&A session, but his on-screen antics whilst wielding a pair of scissors have pretty much culled any nice boy vibes he previously gave off </3


3- Eva Mendes is officially a “girlfriend”


You heard it here first folks- the Gosling-ator himself refers to Eva as his “girlfriend”. The real scoop? We’re pretty darned sure we saw a ring glinting on the gold chain neatly tucked under his sweater… #justsaying


4- Haters gonna hate


Following it’s debut screening at Cannes Film Festival, Lost River received some pretty brutal reviews (example: “a howler”). From those who dubbed it a superficial, overly indulgent folie de grandeur to those who apparently hated everything about it, the jibes were unrelenting and comprehensive in their brutality. Nonetheless, the movie made it to British soil and- sorry critics- we liked it.


5- Ryan Gosling is GOD


Not that anyone was under any uncertainty, but just in case- we can happily reassert your worldly view by confirming that Gosling is a downright God. Not only has he canned a darn good film, he’s also been an utter babe on the promotional circuit. His genuinely friendly rapport with Matt Smith instantly quashed any superstar vibes and he was even nice enough to prolong questions from the floor for an avid fan- who was also lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the now infamous “hey girl” wink. Melting.



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