Liberty London loves Levi’s dahling!

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Boy meets girl. East meets West. You brainboxes know the drill. But have you heard about the latest fashion collaboration going down a storm in London town? It’s British quirkiness at it’s best combined with the coolest classic Americana. It’s Liberty of London’s recent partnership with the ultimate historic hipsters, Levi’s. And it’s HOT.

Liberty x Levi's

Sooo…why so hot? Well, where do we begin?? Firstly, Levi’s- big as they are- have never collaborated with another label. Big Deal. HUGE. The silhouettes featured in the collection were sourced from the Levi’s archive, ensuring the most popular pieces got an updated re-airing. Love your 501 shorts? Bet you’ll be even crazier for the new ones, updated with a so-pretty-our-eyes-almost-hurt Liberty print. Said print was actually drawn from the 1970’s Liberty archive. How vintage dahling! Kisses!

Liberty x Levi's vintage

The second print is also based on an archive piece- a Pointillist painting from the archive which dates back to 1940. These prints feature heavily across the 15 piece capsule collection which includes loose boyfriend jeans, a kick-ass bustier top, jackets and accessories.

After a lightweight summer cover-up but sick of the now monotonous army jacket? Hit up the new collection for the freshest floral anorak we’ve seen. Ever. Or if you want to invest in a piece you KNOW will earn its cost per wear, how about the floral printed Western shirt? Casual enough to throw on with jeans but pretty enough to be a statement in itself- winning.

Liberty x Levi's floral anorak

Liberty x Levi's floral shirt

Or, if you’re kind enough, there’s plenty to satisfy the sartorial needs of others in your life, too. Bf in need of a treat? There’s printed shirts galore in this range. Or maybe the pitter patter of small feet in desperate need of some clothes other than those favoured by the helplessly lame Aunt Sue- play cool Auntie with a kid’s range you know they’ll appreciate. Liberty and Levi’s? You’ve saved our style bacon.

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