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This week, we’re getting personal. With a bonafide Mallzee favourite (Bex, this one’s for you) hot footing it to a long awaited nuptial ceremony this weekend we’re talking romance. With this in mind, the utterly delightful Kristen Booth of Style by Kristen Blair takes our Blogger of the Week spot and keeps us on the straight and narrow when it comes to wedding attire.

Wedding Wear: Looking Your Best But Maintaining An Appropriate Appearance

So, you’re invited to a wedding? One of the first things most girls do in this situation is stress about what they’re going to wear. Well, like you, I am no different. Last summer/fall I went to three family weddings with most of the friends and families I grew up with… can you say stressful?! Not only did I feel like I needed to look my best so that I could “impress” them and show them how much I had grown and changed since I was a little girl, but I also had no idea what was “appropriate attire” for any of them! Throughout my dress shopping and searching for what I was supposed to wear, this is what I learned…


First and foremost, never ever wear white. I know sometimes when it is summer and you are looking for the best dress to wear, it may seem like all you can find is white, but trust me when I say this ladies, don’t do it! You will look silly and probably feel silly too, so just save everyone the uncomfortable feeling and stay as far away from white as possible.

Wedding 1

Second, make sure you’re dressing for the occasion. If you’re going to an afternoon wedding, a sundress is more than appropriate. You’re going to a night wedding? Go ahead, wear that hot new little black dress you’ve been dying to wear! Just make sure, no matter what you do, you never wear anything that you wouldn’t wear in front of your grandmother. (Also, try not to wear black unless you’re going to a night wedding, it is seen as inappropriate to wear to a morning/afternoon event!)

Weddig floral dress

Perfect little sundress for an afternoon wedding!

Wedding black dress

Great little black dress for a nighttime wedding!

Third, make sure you’ve taken the formality of the wedding into consideration. Make sure you’ve looked the invitation over closely for any information about the dress code or any clues/hints that might be left somewhere about what you should wear. Yes, I know it is always good to look sexy, but a wedding might not be the right time and place for your hottest new club dress. You want to make sure you have the perfect balance between hot and classy, so don’t wear an outfit or dress that you would wear for a night on the town with your girlfriends, or to go clubbing; but you also shouldn’t wear something you would wear to a business meeting! However, when in doubt, always go with the more conservative option.



4. Make sure you don’t…

  • “Steal the show” – even if the formality of the event and appropriate dress is not indicated on the invitation, make sure you avoid wearing red, yellow, or any other bright color.
  • Be sure to avoid any dress or outfit that is revealing… I mean after all, the bride and groom’s parents, grandparents, and other families with little kids are going to be there!
  • When going to a wedding held in a church or other place of worship, make sure you are following the specific religion’s rules as far as what is appropriate to wear in the religious structure.
  • Make sure you do not, under any circumstances, wear jeans! No matterwhat the dress code says, jeans are never okay! No. Exceptions.


That’s us told! Many thanks to Kristen for such an insightful post- be sure to pop back to our fashion blog for more knowledgable fashion tips!


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