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“Fashion fades, yet style is eternal”

Could there be a better quote to sum up the innately fashionable force of nature that is Kate Moss? On the day her latest Topshop collaboration is unleashed to the world, we’re provided with yet more evidence that the Boss they call Moss shows no signs of fading from our fashion stratosphere any time soon. Sure, other Supers have hung around for a while. Heidi Klum clung onto the spotlight well past her blissful Seal years with a stint on Project Runway. Thanks to the odd Blood Diamond reference- and some fantastically fashionable friends- Naomi Campbell pops up occasionally as a sporadic blast from the past. Yet it is undeniably Queen Kate who holds the crown of seemingly timeless appeal, still able to sell hot pants to 15 year olds as she herself glides into her 40s.

The reason why? Simple. Women want to be her, men want to be with her. Mossy is the perfect combination of council estate Princess and high fashion glamazon- inspirational yet relatable, the ultimate glamorous wild child. For one who speaks so little she has had an immeasurably large impact on the fashion industry, spawning many a trend and acting as catalyst for countless sell out styles. Check out our favourite Kate Moss style moments below, from the iconic red dress to the omnipresent skinny jeans…

Kate Moss style: Vintage Lover

Kate Moss and Jade Jagger At A Wedding in Ibiza


Kate Moss vintage gold dress


Kate Moss vintage kimono


Kate Moss vintage floral dress



Kate Moss vintage maxi dress


Kate Moss style: skinny jean Queen

Kate Moss skinny jeans boots style
Kate Moss seen leaving her London Home


Supermodel Kate Moss is spotted walking around the streets of London


Kate Moss all black skinny jeans


Kate Moss style: Glamazon

Kate Moss style glam


Kate Moss gold full length dress


Kate Moss glam


Kate Moss Celebrates 30th Birthday


Kate Moss beaded dress


Kate Moss full length red dress


Kate Moss style: boho babe

Kate Moss skinny jeans statement jacket


Kate Moss shorts boots


Kate Moss full length black dress


Kate Moss Glastonbury shorts


Kate Moss boho style



Kate Moss black fur shrug

Kate Moss style: back in black

Kate Moss Sighthing In Paris - November 21, 2012



Kate Moss all black style



Kate Moss celebrity style



Kate Moss head to toe black


Kate Moss style: fur fan

Kate Moss fur coat stripes


Kate Moss cream fur coat


Kate Moss fur gilet


Kate Moss stripe fur coat


km shop

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