The Sales Assistant Sessions- Karen Millen styling insights

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This week we head to grown up femininity favourite Karen Millen to get the insider scoop on the new season collection.

Kirsty McKenzie- Karen Millen

Karen Millen Sales Assistant

Name: Kirsty McKenzie

Position: Supervisor

How would you describe your personal style?: Ooh that’s tricky! Probably quite quirky- I like to mix up different looks. One day, I’ll feel inspired by 60’s style, the next I’ll feel more like channelling the sleek, tailored look. Or sometimes my inner rock chick comes out!

Who is your style icon?: Helena Christensen, definitely. So overlooked but so naturally beautiful- she could literally roll out of bed, throw on whatever was lying around and look photo-shoot ready. Although “whatever was lying around” would probably be some beautiful chiffon dress to waft around in…but still! That said, as much as I admire her I don’t replicate her style.

What are your favourite pieces this season?: I love the colour palette used within this dress; it looks amazing on, sitting like a skirt and top. It’s really well cut, and made from great fabric. Annoyingly, it’s one of those ones you have to see on to truly appreciate so many people end up walking straight past it.

Karen Millen lilac dress

This yellow embroidered dress is so versatile, it’s easy to wear for any occasion. Wear with cute little pumps for a summer barbecue or throw on some bright yellow heels and you’re all set for a summer wedding.

 Karen Millen yellow dress

Any insider styling tips?: This black and white striped skirt looks great with a sheer panel top. I never would have paired them together but as soon as we styled them on the mannequin I saw how great an outfit they make. They pretty much flew out of the shop!

 Karen Millen black and white skirt

Karen Millen sheer black top

Like most people, we’re LOVING monochrome at the moment. A few customers are of the opinion that it’s quite a boring style choice, but I completely disagree. Throw in some colour- I personally love a black and white outfit with a red shoe. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a dull combination; colour can really make it pop. And remember you don’t have to stick with white to pair with your black pieces- for something subtler, try cream and black or grey and black.

Karen Millen red shoes

Lately there’s been a huge shift in the Karen Millen offering. We used to focus very heavily on occasion dressing- weddings, dinners, Race Days. Now we have a much more versatile product mix, with something to cover many different fashion needs. The pieces are great this season and work so well together as a collection.

Sold! Even a quick browse round the Karen Millen store uncovered many hidden gems- including some of the best black courts we’ve seen on the high street. Do you have a favourite piece?

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