The Mallzee HQ Sessions: Jamie Sutherland talks FASH-ON

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Jamie Sutherland CTO Mallzee

Name: Jamie Sutherland

Position: CTO (Chief Tea Officer)

Whatcha wearing?: Burton jeans from Mallzee, a “retro” surf tee and failsafe hoodie.

How would you describe your personal style?: Tragic.

Any style icons?: I wouldn’t say I have any style icons as such. I enjoy a decent hoodie/tee/beanie from some of my favourite snowboarding/skate brands like Lib Tech, Burton, Vans and DC to name a few. I might have a wee man crush on Dave Grohl, but then what guy doesn’t?

dave gif

Favourite place to shop on Mallzee?: For smart casual stuff I enjoy flicking through ASOS for decent jeans and checked shirts. Love me a lumberjack shirt.

Whatcha up to today?: Today we are working on a new backend API which will drive the next generation of Mallzee products. We’ve learnt a lot of lessons over the last year building Mallzee so we’re spending a bit of time fixing our mistakes so our next versions will be faster to use and easier for us to build better products on top of.

What does your typical Mallzee day consist of?: Typically I work closely with Alex, Callum, and Ro to build the mobile app you see today based on our current knowledge about the people using our products given by information from the whole team.

So we could be planning how we’re going to build new products, working out how to collect data from various retailers or fixing bugs in our current products. There are a lot of underlying systems in place that power the Mallzee app you have on your phone and all of these need to work in harmony with each other to deliver a great user experience and we work on improving all of these parts every day.

Doing anything tonight?: I’ll be running tonight before catching my train home. Then catching up on The League on Netflix. The Edinburgh marathon is in 3 weeks so I’m on the final stretch of the training program I’ve been following and we have a bunch of people from our shared office entered into Tough Mudder this year. It’s going to be brutal but awesome 😀

Any top tips for a wild night on the town?: Get a decent bunch of mates and just roam. Almost everywhere is good when you’ve got good company. If you like whisky, the ‘ring of destiny’ at Teuchters is always good for a giggle. Unless you end up with Sheep Dip 🙁

Favourite thing about working at Mallzee?: The people. We have a great team here at Mallzee and it’s been awesome watching everyone grow along with the company. We’ve come a long way in the year I’ve been a part of Mallzee and there’s a long way to go, but I feel we’ve got the right people to make it an enjoyable ride.

Top tune to blast out at Mallzee HQ?: Oaft. Too many to pick from, but The Naked and Famous- Young Blood always makes me smile.









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