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Talented. Charismatic. Scarily charming. It’s no wonder Hudson Taylor have come a long way. To look back at their first ever YouTube video is to watch two blonde tipped babes (in the youthful sense of the word) sweetly chime their way through “I’m a Believer”, holiday villa in the background. Fast forward a decade or so and the highlights are gone, trellis covered wall replaced by a “zen room” sporting a Kodaline poster; the pair are due to support them on stage in an hour.

Hudson Taylor

Harry and Alfie, the brotherly duo from Dublin, convey themselves with the confidence of industry pros. Invading their sacred backstage space to chat not only about their work but also, God forbid, fashion, causes not even the slightest bone of contention. Whatever the question, the duo take it modestly in their stride. From humble beginnings busking on the streets of Dublin, they’ve come a long way- this year has already seen them support Jake Bugg and Kodaline, of similar Irish roots. They’ve hit the States for a recording stint and played many musician’s dream festival, Glastonbury. Their raw, catchy folk inspired music has been going down a storm with a broad array of fans, from screaming teenage groupies to those of an older generation. Their days of “trying to make a quick buck” have ensured they’re more than wise to working a crowd. Having seen them live, sandwiched neatly between James Bay and Kodaline, we can attest to the fact that, more than anything else, they’re fun.

Hudson Taylor pout

So- what they pouring their talents into at the moment? Their first full length album, apparently- a work in progress which appears to be most definitely heading in the right direction. The few hurdles they have met have proved to be major learning curves- a line often spun but not always with much conviction. In Hudson Taylor’s case, however, we can’t help but have utter confidence in their words of coming to “know their own sound”. Their warm Irish accents add a playful yet convincing lilt to any response and the more we listen, the more we come to think that this is how the industry plays out for them; undoubtedly, a whole heap of hard work is involved but in essence- who could resist such a pairing? Upon finishing working their magic as Kodaline’s support act, the boys are putting full focus on their own headline set, then the album. They expect it to come out in the middle of next year.

Ask them about their musical style and expect an engaging, perfectly harmonised response. Both agree they have most definitely come full circle- from initial YouTube videos of the pair playing on a sofa in their house to full scale studio production, then back to the original and best raw versions of their heartbreakingly relatable ditties. Throughout our conversation, both look to each other not so much for reassurance- you can tell there’s a deep rooted trust- but more for a continuation of the same thread of conversation. They’re more than happy to sit back and let the other speak, confident in their upcoming answer.

Undoubtedly, Hudson Taylor convey themselves in a manner well beyond their tender years. The boys, who- in their own words- could have an Instagram filter thrown over any of their images to appear from a bygone era, conduct themselves in a way many young bands could only hope to replicate. But don’t be fooled- they’re far from old before their time. Mention Gabrielle Aplin, successful musician and Alfie’s other half, and the singer only just manages to hold back a grin. The relationship bloomed when both moved to London to pursue their careers; a flatshare later and the rest, as they say, is history. Chicken rolls and Harry’s sense of style both elicit a flash of laddish banter, perfectly offset with the pair’s love of a good weepy (don’t dream of showing them Farenheit 9/11 without a full box of Kleenex in tow). An intriguing combination of yesteryear meets nowadays, playful brothers meets Hyde Park main stage-ers, Hudson Taylor are most definitely a band to keep tabs on. Whichever route they follow, we can’t help but think they’ll take it all in their fun-loving, perfectly charming stride.

Hudson Taylor live

Jump on the Hudson Taylor bandwagon and click here for information on their upcoming tour. Can’t make it? The least you can do is be sure to check back on Monday for our HT inspired style post, not to be missed…


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