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Ever stepped out of your fashion comfort zone? In the world of fashion, this can be one seriously daunting prospect, but don’t fear, this week’s Blogger of the Week shows you how it’s done. The girl with the confidence to make a statement you ask? The uber ‘classy’ Heather Morton from High Society. She may be one truly classy gal but she sure knows how to rock a printed number, and one thing is for certain, we have definitely taken note for the season ahead…

high society

MOTEL ROCKS two piece // NEW LOOK belt // OFFICE boots // DANIEL WELLINGTON watch

If you were to ask anyone who knows me, “Describe Heather’s style in one word?” they would straight away say “Classy.” I used to take this as a bit of an insult – to me ‘classy’ was a bit boring and bland. As my style has evolved I’ve come to realise that this is not the case at all, and it was more my affinity for monochrome and heeled boots on the daily that gave people this impression. However, as much as I love my simple, monochrome, classy outfits – it’s good to make a statement once in a while and give people a bit of a shock. I first saw this this stunning Motel Rocks two piece on the equally as stunning Shope from London’s Closet. Bright blue. Printed. Way out of my comfort zone. I had to have it.

high society

When I first tried it on, I completely chickened out. I sent a picture of me wearing it to a couple of friends and they loved it, but I still wasn’t sure. Nothing a quick snap on Instagram couldn’t fix… I had so many people commenting on it saying they loved it and one friend suggested I wore it to her party that coming weekend. With a head full of compliments I decided to keep it and bravely (for me) wore it to the party. Again, everyone at the party only had nice things to say and I can’t count the amount of people who have told me they will be borrowing it from me. So the moral of the story is: the next time you’re browsing on Mallzee and find something you’re a bit scared of – do it! Step out of your comfort zone, it’s 100% worth it.

high society

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Feeling inspired? Hell yes you are! If you to want to try a new style for Spring then get your Mallzee app out pronto because all the new season goodies have hit the stores! Plus, not only can you find your perfect number, you can also share it with your friends just like Heather did to get their honest opinion… Your best gal pals always tell you straight, right? P.S – Being classy is never an insult, embrace it!


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