Be brave and follow in Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume footsteps!

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Come the 31st, girls up and down the country will be faced with a frightening and undeniably ridiculous Halloween costume dilemma- scary fright fest lover versus sexy fluff pot. Thanks to the Gretchen Weiners of the world, the days of Scream masks, vampire teeth and fake blood have been overtaken by PVC catsuits and bunny ears. Boo. Call us old fashioned but we like a good bit of gore come the Eve of All Hallows; failing that, head to toe body paint will do us nicely. The Queen of costumes, Heidi Klum, never fails to go all out for the scariest night of the year; from sci-fi robotics to Hindu Goddesses, the Super has the look nailed. Claps for Heidi! Take a look at some of her best Halloween costumes below…

Gold Robocop cum Medusa (grills included)

Heidi Klum Halloween costume robot


Transformers a go-go!

Heidi Klum Halloween costume- Transformer



Lovers of full body paint and limbs a-plenty, this one’s for you

Heidi Klum Halloween costume Hindu Goddess


Who says all animal related Halloween costumes have to be sexy?

Heidi Klum Halloween costume monkey



Finally, if you absolutely must wear as little as possible…

Heidi Klum Halloween costume- skin


Go on- scrap that sexy nurse look! Shop ultimate Halloween styles on the Mallzee app now, where the takeover of terror continues…


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