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Feeling the chill in the cold, dark, early days of the New Year? Bleugh. Good thing Gillian Lee Rose is in place as our Blogger of the Week to brighten your day with a smokin’ Winter outfit to see you through the dullest of days with a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

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Gillian Lee Rose: Winter warmers

Winter can be a tough time to dress as it’s just soooo cold outside! I think the key to keeping cosy and warm is selecting the right materials and most definitely layers upon layers. Layering is a major must for me in winter as you can adjust accordingly to the temperature. Tights are also an essential part of my winter wardrobe for giving a dress or skirt that I might typically wear in the summer a longer life by being able to wear it in the winter too. I always usually opt for thicker tights in the 100-120 denier range as I just prefer the look but I am starting to quite like the more sheer tights, they are definitely making a comeback but the only down side is that they just don’t last as long. My ultimate winter wear also tends to quite often have an element of faux leather weather its trousers, a skirt or even a faux leather jacket.

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For a day out shopping in this bitterly British weather I wanted to be comfortable and warm so I decided on an H&M faux leather skirt (only £14.99 an absolute bargain!), a Primark jumper and Topshop basic cut out boots combo. The tights are the key piece in making this ensemble wearable throughout the colder months. I have a real thing for faux leather, its looks like the real thing and it’s just a fraction of the cost! Admittedly I probably own more pleather pieces than I can wear but I really think a pair of leather trousers or skirt is the perfect ‘base’ of an outfit and it’s easier to dress the rest around that one statement piece. Pleather dresses up a look and gives it a tougher edge at the same time. I added a gold lion head necklace in and my chunky boyfriend watch but the overall look didn’t need too many accessories as faux leather pieces usually do the talking. I gave the jumper a little half tuck so as to show off the skirt in all its glory. My cut out boots were my go to for this outfit as they are so comfy. These can be quite tricky to master in the cold weather. If you are wearing either a skirt like I am here or a dress then tights can be worn and it looks great but if you don’t fancy tights or bare feet then a pair of frilly ankle socks sticking out the top give the boots the perfect girly twist.

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A lot of people turn to their leather jackets in the winter which can be their absolute saviours as they really do keep the heat in but when wearing leather on the bottom half it can sometimes look too over the top. I think one of the best materials to accompany leather is faux fur. It adds the ultimate luxe feel to any outfit and never looks too much. Especially around the festive period as it’s the one time you can get away with just about anything and there’s no such thing as too many sequins in December. The fashion rule book goes out the window at this time of year so take full advantage. Another good thing about this fashion twosome is that you can wear black and brown together and it just works. To most people this might be a big fashion no no but due to the textures being polar opposites they actually complement each other.

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Winter wardrobes can seem daunting and the thought of working out what to wear whilst still looking and feeling good can to some people be a big effort but actually it’s a lot easier than you think. Just think about the occasion and pick a key piece and work the rest of the outfit around that piece. Don’t be afraid of mixing up textures and colours because this is how most outfits stand out at this time of year. Winter is a fun time to dress because you can team girly dresses with boyish biker boots and create a whole new vibe. Add ankle socks to a pair of heels for a dolly like look and don’t forget to accessorise. Sometimes when it comes to accessories less is more but on the other hand they can be the best part of an outfit so experiment with them. On a darker outfit then use accessories to add a splash of colour but on a louder outfit keep them minimal to look more chic.


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