Blogger Showcase: Jonathan Daniel Pryce of Garcon Jon

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To help unveil the latest, and by far greatest, iteration of Mallzee to date we’ve rounded up not one but two show stopping #fbloggers to showcase. Both Scottish, both super stylish and both pretty undoubtedly SMOKIN’. Welcome to the Mallzee crew…

Jonathan Daniel Pryce - Garçon Jon

Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Photographer. London.


Jonathan Daniel Pryce is a Scottish photographer based in London. He specialises in fashion and street photography, documenting men’s style on his blog Last year he published a sell-out book based on his blog, documenting the best beards of London. His new project looks at manufacturing of menswear in the UK and is launching in September.


I would describe my style as neo-chimney-sweep. This sounds silly but in all honesty although I love early century workwear I still like to look smart- so I wear a lot of vintage tailoring. I mainly wear neutral colours and natural fabrics- grey wool trousers, cotton shirts and tweed jackets. I’ve got a penchant for a good hat, too, and am often seen in a flat cap. Drawing inspiration from the street I often find many of my favourite looks are born here- check out three of my favourite of the season…


Garçon Jon - Denim Main Image

Adonis: Rue Simon le Franc, Paris


Denim is an overused fabric, but when it’s done right it’s fantastic. I love the dark denim here and it works particularly well as dungarees are so often called a faux pas. Overall this is classic workwear: comfortable, easy, durable and real.



Garçon Jon - Pale colours main image

Alex Badia: Porta Genova, Milan


It’s very hard for men to dress well in warmer weather but this is perfect for me. Layering light fabrics in pale colours is the way to go, paying close attention to the details. The shirt buttoning and clash of prints is what makes this look stand out to me.



Garçon Jon - Suits and tees main image

Olivier Cheshire, shot for Off The Rails, London


I’m getting into the habit of wearing my suits with a simple tee. It can sometimes verge into ‘Miami Vice’ territory but overall I love the easy, relaxed feeling to it. Oliver exemplifies how to do it well, perfectly. Neural colour palette and a smile.




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