Fashion’s Very Good Girls vs. Fashion’s Not so Good Girls

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There’s no denying they’ve all got style, but who’s bossing the fashion battle.  The good girls…or the not so good girls – you decide.


ROUND ONE – Kate Middleton vs. Kate Moss –  Classic Queen or disheveled chic? Their taste in fashion differs about as much as their taste in men but who’s winning it for you?




ROUND 2: Anne Hathaway vs. Rihanna – A coats a coat right? WRONG  Our Devil wears Prada good girl intern faces Good girl gone bad Rhi Rhi…a tough call indeed.




ROUND 3: Victoria Beckham vs. Rita Ora – They’re both respected fashion designers but is Rita Ora’s edgy out there approach to her wardrobe any match for Posh’s sophisticated style?




ROUND 4: Millie Manderson vs. Kylie Jenner –Both reality stars, both related to a big time rapper, Made in Chelsea’s good girl faces Keeping up with the Kardashains bad gal Kylie.




ROUND 5: Hannah Montana vs. Miley Cyrus – It had to be done but who’d have thought those blonde flowing locks would be replaced for a spiky-punk rock do? Not us that’s for sure.

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