Blogger of the Week guest post- Xenia Klein from Fashion Nation

0 Posted by - July 21, 2013 - Fashion

Woop woop pardy pardy- it’s only Blogger of the Week time! This Sunday our highest accolade goes to up and coming fashion blogger Xenia Klein from Fashion Nation, who talks us through her love of mom jeans…

Fashion Nation mom jeans guest post

I have been after a pair of mom jeans for so long now but haven’t found the right pair to commit to. I came across some vintage Levi’s when I visited Falmouth but the pair in my size had a very suspicious stain on the back so I decided to leave them be. I looked elsewhere but alas my search seemed unsuccessful. However I saw on the Topshop website and instagram that they are now selling them and decided this was my last chance. It was a now or never situation. The jeans were quite pricey but I look at them as an investment to make myself feel better about spending most of the money I had but Topshop jeans are always that bit more anyway. I always find their jeans are worth it too. I am currently trying to build up my collection of high-waisted jeans because they are simply one of my favourite things in the world and the mom jeans fit perfectly into my collection.

Fashion Nation mom jeans guest blog post

The 80s/90s nostalgia about them is something I love. My mum says she used to wear mom jeans all the time during the 80s – she says that about a lot of my clothes at the moment. It makes me wish she hadn’t thrown all her old clothes away before my interest in fashion began. Lately I am always on Pinterest searching ways to style them because they are so versatile. One day you can have a 90s grunge look with them and the next day you could resemble a chic Parisian. Already they have become a vital staple item in my wardrobe.

Fashion nation mom jeans striped top

I could talk about my mom jeans all day but I shall resist and spare you all my ramblings. The moral of my story however is simply this: mom jeans are awesome.

Well said Xenia, great post! Stay tuned to our fashion blog for further Blogger of the Week posts; could it one day be you??


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