Eight iconic fashion muses who pack a hefty style punch!

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We all know fashion land would be nothing without a few gorgeous fashion muses thrown in for good measure; a constant source of inspiration, antagonism and delight, these slight of frame, high of cheekbone lovelies have shaped the landscape of design for as long as we can remember. We take a look back at some of the best…

1- Brigitte Bardot

The curvaceous blonde with the suggestive smile, Bardot is to thank for more than you probably think. Those ballet pumps you love so much? Wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the former ballet dancer requesting designer Rose Repetto made her some footwear as light as her original dancing shoes. Major props for Brigitte! In 1970 the sex symbol was immortalised by sculptor Alain Gourdon who used Bardot as the model for a bust of Marianne, the symbol of France. Four years later, pop art icon Andy Warhol captured her distracting beauty forever in an iconic portrait which is still much revered to this day.

Fashion muses Brigitte Bardot

2- Jane Birkin

The gap-toothed Queen of the bangs was undoubtedly the figurehead for mod London, hand in hand with her ultra hip husband Serge Gainsbourg. Starring in iconic movies such as Blow-Up and Slogan, Birkin was soon to become an International party girl, hitting the high life of London and Paris. Without her there would be no can’t-live-without-it Hermes Birkin bag- the design was first dreamt up when the company’s CEO was sat next to the actress on a flight and saw first hand her struggle with an ineffective day bag. If that’s what below par hand luggage gets you, we’re booking our flights right now…

Fashion muses Jane Birkin

3- James Dean

Despite his untimely demise at the tender age of just 24, James Dean undoubtedly had a massive effect on the fashions of today. In “Rebel Without a Cause”, he stood as the poster boy for a “live as if you’ll die today” philosophy the likes of which had never been seen before. His uniform of jeans, a snug white t-shirt and battered leather jacket have more than stood the test of time, whilst his brooding manner was said to inspire Robert Pattinson’s character in the Twilight saga.

Fashion muses James Dean

4- Farrah Fawcett

The undeniable symbol of 1970’s sex kitten chic. Her big break came in the iconic Charlie’s Angels series, where her mass of flicked blonde hair and apparent hatred of wearing a bra quickly catapulted her to fame. The image of her in a red swimsuit, all beaming smile and coquettishly cocked head, is the most purchased poster of all time whilst her everyday look of high waisted flared jeans and casual t-shirt is still replicated to this day.


5- The Beatles

Far from just music, this Super Group had a massive influence on all things cultural during their reign. From humble beginnings of generic leather jackers and greaser hair, they swiftly moved up the fashion ranks, often sporting the likes of Pierre Cardin collarless jackets, mod suits and Cuban heeled Beatle boots. They were some of the first to champion Paisley print and quickly became masters of reinvention. As Beatlemania became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, the group’s style became just as important as their rocking beats.

The Beatles by Robert Whitaker (7)

6- Audrey Hepburn

Known and loved the world over, Hepburn’s gamine look and waif-like frame helped ensure she became the dear of the fashion world. The likes of “Roman Holiday” and “My Fair Lady” played a part in her fame, but it was undoubtedly her starring role in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which really shot her to fame. With a wardrobe designed exclusively by Givenchy, her classic looks are still iconic to this day.

Fashion muses Audrey Hepburn

7- David Bowie

Ever dynamic, unique and boundary-pushing, Bowie’s style perfectly defined the cultural zeitgeist of his time. Whether in overly glam Ziggy Stardust get up or waif like drug addled androgyny, he carved out the lines of fashion. The original Lady Gaga.

Fashion muses David Bowie

8- Katherine Hepburn

Championing androgyny for women, Hepburn wore the trousers like no man ever could. The multiple Academy Award winning Actress was unique for her time, pushing her intelligence and independence whilst still keeping hold of her feminine wiles. From big screen blockbusters to below the radar art house films, everything Hepburn touched became indefinitely enbalmed with her unique presence.


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