London Fashion Week 2014- an intern’s perspective from Alice of Experimenting since 93

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Today’s Blogger of the Week post takes a unique spin as we delve inside Mallzee HQ and get the London Fashion Week lowdown from our newest intern, Alice from Experimenting since 93.

A month before Fashion Week I got offered a chance to work at Somerset House and the excitement set in, along with the stress. What on earth do you wear to one of the most fashionable events of the year? Who knows! So I packed 23kg of my wardrobe including 3 jackets, 6 pairs of shoes and 4 pencil skirts and headed down to London.

Alice from Experimenting since 93: LFW wardrobe

Luckily my Sister stays there so accommodation was not a problem, however the 50 minute bus journey every morning was! Definitely not the most glamorous of ways to arrive at Fashion Week.

Now Day 1’s outfit was pretty easy: pencil skirt, crisp white shirt, statement necklace and ankle boots and when I left the house that morning in my heels I was very happy. 16 hours later I was not! You forget the people you see in the street style photos are probably only on their feet while standing on the cobbles posing for their photos whereas I, as an intern, was on my feet that day from 7am till 11pm. I learnt my lesson, and after day 1 I decided flats were definitely the way forward and it made it easier- not pain free- but easier to get through the day. Although I have to say the days we got free champagne made the last few hours a breeze…

Now my outfit decisions were based not only on the weather but also on whether I had flats that would go! I don’t know how some people do it! It’s England, it’s February and people are walking around in shorts and mini skirts with bare legs. That said, with the amount of photographers getting snap happy it’s no wonder people were willing to suffer in the name of fashion.

Alice from Experimenting since 93: LFW street style

Experimenting since ’93 gets snap happy

The photographers are everywhere and cause problems for everyone at Somerset House, although this is a tad hypocritical; on any break I got I was running about with my new camera ready to snap anything and everything fashion related. It is already hard enough to navigate through the crowds but the photographers turn it into an assault course. Style Queens are forced to start ducking and make emergency stops, swerving and often colliding with others. It’s a nightmare when you have your lunch break and you end up wasting half of it trying to get in and out.

Alice from Experimenting since 93: Somerset House

But despite all the stress and pain it was an amazing experience! This hardly touches on what the experience was like and I would recommend it to anyone who loves fashion and wants some experience. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, even with the sore feet!

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