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Country bumpkin Em Sheldon “hearts vino, beauty, fashion, food and all things beachy”. We chat to her about life as a top blogger in our latest showcase featuring her blog Em Talks

Em Talks Em Sheldon

Hey Em! Since you started Emtalks in 2012 it seems to have really blown up. Tell us a little bit about why you started blogging?


I actually started blogging in order to enhance my application for university!


Do you read many blogs yourself? Who are your all-time favourites?


I do indeed, I’d say my favourite blog of all time has to be Rosie from The Londoner!


You work with amazing companies such as Capital FM; what advice would you give to bloggers about landing these great opportunities?


I’d say just be yourself and don’t worry if you don’t get any opportunities; make your own opportunities by just working hard and writing what you want and honestly, that’s all that matters.


You’re one busy lady. From blogging to launching your own shop, how in the world do you fit it all in?


I do find it really hard to fit everything in to be honest, it’s pretty crazy but somehow I manage! I’m not good at getting up early so I tend to work really late at night which isn’t good- in the future, hopefully my body clock will fix itself and allow me to wake up early so that I can get everything done by the afternoon! I would say that taking lots of photos at once does help and any time I have a train journey, I’ll sit and write blog posts on it. I don’t like to waste any time doing nothing!


What inspired you to start LVNDR?


I’ve always dreamed of owning my own shop and I love all things pastel coloured (hence the name, LVNDR – Lavender). But mainly, I wanted to bring affordable, dainty yet beautiful goodies to the world. Even high street shops such as Topshop are expensive now so I wanted to make sure LVNDR accessories are affordable. Further to this, I’ve always loved giving great customer service; I’ve worked in retail before and really wanted to put my customer service skills and efforts into my own shop. At LVNDR, we pride ourselves on customer service and make sure that everything is beautifully gift wrapped too- we always go the extra mile as I believe that a lot of shops are lacking in good customer service nowadays!


Who is your biggest style influence?


Mollie King from the Saturdays, I think she is truly beautiful. Her style is sexy, elegant yet sophisticated and very city chic!


If you could shop with anyone, past or present, who would it be?


I’d have to say Mollie King! I’d love to know where she buys everything!


What’s the best piece of career/blogging advice you’ve ever been given?


I haven’t really ever been given any career or blogging advice, but the best quote I’ve read about either would be: ‘Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20’. I am guilty of kicking myself and feeling like I’m not achieving, but then I realise I’m comparing myself to people who are currently on their chapter 20, whilst I’m still on my chapter 1!


What do you think about the new Mallzee app?


The new Mallzee app is great, it’s extremely slick now and there are so many retailers on it!


Finally, we’ve all had ’em…what is your biggest fashion disaster?


I’d say octopus trousers! I used to wear them in every colour, the bright red ones were the worst! I was walking across a road once and actually fell over flat on my face because I tripped over them! Oops!


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