The Seven Stages of Dissertation Stress

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Okay, we know how you feel. Dissertation time is possibly the worst time of your life- well, when we say life we mean countless hours spent in front of a computer screen. All fun grinds to a halt and it suddenly becomes very apparent that you should have turned up to class a whole lot more. If you are reading this you are most likely at stage three in our ‘Seven Stages of Dissertation Stress’. However, do not fear; better times are coming- we promise.

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Stage 1: Extreme motivation

giphy (3)

Stage 2: Sudden realisation of what you actually have to do

giphy (7)

Stage 3: Procrastination- food, Google and online shopping are not your friends

giphy (8)

Stage 4: Total PANIC

giphy (13)

Stage 5: Naps, everything will seem clearer after a nap

giphy (9)

Stage 6: Complete and utter despair


Stage 7: When you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel

giphy (15)



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