Fashion Trends, can they go global?

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Fashion Trends – Worldwide Fashion

Can fashion trends in one country possibly set off a fashion trend half way around the world, or are all countries and trends unique?

Surely every country has trends and styles of their own, which simply would’t work in other countries.?

Let’s start in France with the Parisienne fashion trend. With loafers, skinny jeans, a vest top, a pea coat and a wrap we can see an understated chic fashion trend. Oh, one mustn’t forget the stripes! This a style that is copied across the world in countries such as the UK, US and Australia. This fashion trend really is all about the understated.

paris fashion trends

Whereas in countries such as India and Pakistan the fashion trends are completely different with long coloured dresses and body art being one of the main styles on women currenly. Whilst in France less is more – here it is defiantly not and the more flamboyant the colours and jewellery the better!

indian and pakistani fashion trends.

United Kingdom Fashion

In the United Kingdom we sadly have to adopt fashion trends matched to our lovely weather, which could mean changing from a bright and colourful maxi dress to a pair of wellies and a hoodie within the blink of an eye.

Uk fashion trends mix

However despite the adverse differences in weather some countries that have similar cultures can embrace each an others fashion. The Americans are continually copying British fashion and we seem to copy fashion from every country worldwide from the Italian sunglasses to Indian headgear.

So could it really be that fashion trends are a global game? Of course they are – style isn’t limited by borders, just cultures!

Well that’s no doubt the thoughts of all the designers showing off their new lines at London Fashion Week right now.

Fashion is a global trend

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