Young British Designers


young british designers

Age Range: 18-30

Price Range: $$$$


Young British Designers is the brilliant brand that houses all of the very best up and coming British designers; with an ethos to Design and Conquer, it brings a fresh take on fashion and offers up quintessentially British styles. This unique brand’s emphasis is a belief that life is all about special moments in time where we have the chance to do something new and brave. The company was formed by a small group of people of differing ages and backgrounds with a common goal- to pursue a vision about which all were passionate and create a cutting edge brand to showcase their work. Each was filled with originality, talent, a love of risk-taking and fairness; these came together to ensure Young British Designers became THE new thing on the block, bringing passion and flair to every design penned. Whether you’re looking for something special for a particular occasion or just a little extra to spice up your look- investing in a piece from one of these designers may just be one of the best things you could do!

Young British Designers

Young British Designers- J.W. Anderson, Antipodium and Bionda Castana

Young British Designers holds all the best pieces from the likes of J.W Anderson, Issi, Antipodium, Debra Hepburn and Bionda Castana. British design has something magical about it; perhaps not the sophisticated je ne sais quoi of our European cousins or the high octane desirability of our US counterparts, but a defiant Britishness that’s hard to shake. So cool, so groundbreaking, so “chuck away the rule book” and all with a British twinkle in the eye. There’s something for everyone here and every singly piece has that British edge embedded in it- a look and fashion that holds it’s own in the world and is incomparable to any other. Whether it be that statement dress to turn heads at the party of the year, a cool cluster of hip bracelets and cuffs to finish off your look or that awesomely trendy jumpsuit that just screams Brit-grunge, you’re more than sorted with this brand. While the price tags may be a little hefty, don’t forget you could be buying into the next big thing! Forget buying the perfect top or jacket- this could be more like buying your next family heirloom…

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