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Age range- 25-34

Price range- $-$$


With Japan bringing us some of the best phenomena from sushi (yum!) to cat cafes, who doesn’t want to pet a cat and drink tea? They have also brought us the fashion sensation that is Uniqlo. Designing and manufacturing casual wear that can be worn by anyone, any day, their style ethos is to make pieces that can let the customer create their own style rather than dictating a look based on trends. This easy nature lets Uniqlo’s pieces have a versatility to go with any person’s style in the world, creating a global accessibility that makes it unique.

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Uniqlo jeans

Creating a capsule wardrobe has never been easier- with classic casuals and an incomparable quality at affordable prices, what’s not to love? Uniqlo’s jeans (UJ) are deemed the present and future of jeans, with multiple fits and washes; this denim is revolutionary and much loved by Uniqlo’s faithfuls. Not only does it provide the best jeans EVER at fab prices, Uniqlo has also hit new fashion heights with a previous Jil Sander collection and many celebrity followers and models- including Mallzee fave Chloe Sevigny. Uniqlo is also concerned with current affairs and have teamed up with Novak Djokovic (tennis hottie!) with the Clothes for Smiles campaign which aims to give children brighter futures; hot men and helping children? Sign us up sharpish! Their cool casual style leaves the customer free rein to accessorise it up or play it down, depending on the mood of the day- great for when you’re having those fashion crisis moments. A casual tee and jeans will always solve even the worst of fashionista problems.

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